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A WFRP2 Character? For ME?!?

June 30, 2011

A long time ago I repeatedly said that I don’t plan to start using the WFRP 2nd edition rules or convert my very, very longstanding WFRP campaign to it even though I’m a longtime Warhammer fan, because I think its mechanics, while improved over the first edition (except for the magic system, sadly), don’t go in the more narrative direction that I prefer in my gaming systems these days. However, my old old buddy Matt is playing a little TT WFRP2, and he’s talked me in to playing with him. (more…)


Yet More Tektek Absurdities

June 20, 2011

Why? WHY?!?!

No good reason. Here are tektek chibis of some of the oWoD folks that I’ve encountered in my relatively recent online play.


Peyton Westlake here may sure look a whole lot like Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series (and he’s supposed to, though less the wings), but he’s actually a CoG Metis with blood ties to the Black Spiral Dancers and was the first Gaian Garou to befriend Krissy.


Varge here is a huge Get of Fenris Modi that has befriended Krissy. He very nearly killed her the first time that they met, but they’ve grown quite fond of one another since then.

Adrick Vladmir, AKA Night-Devours is the Adren Shadowlord that finally ran Krissy to ground and captured her.

Shawn, Krissy’s friend and sometime lover, one of the few people that she can (even though only occasionally even in his case) show physical affection to when she’s in Homid form. He’s essentially an immortal human of some sort.

Gauvain Laurent

This is Gauvain Laurent, a Sabbat bishop (Brujah Antitribu) who tends to have a personality a bit more like a Camarilla vampire than a Sabbat one – just without their obsession for the Masquerade, of course. He convinced Dr. Pestes to loan Number Three over to him as a temporary bodyguard and paramour – the latter even though, as a vampire, he has no real sex drive.


Meet Achlys Amadore. Achlys is a Jhor-ridden orphan Mage that spends a lot of time dealing with Wraiths. He’s also somehow managed to befriend Three and seems like he wants to actually date her; he thinks the freakish bondage-clad Tzimisce Ghoul is a very pretty girl. D’awwww.

Katherine Connor
Katherine Connor, Zantosa family revenant and a descendant of Dr. Pestes that sometimes stays at his estate. She’s very fond of Three.

Speaking of Three, I did some more avatars of her in various outfits. Why? See the top of this page.
Three BodysuitThree lingerie 1Three lingerie 2Three Crusade
The first is her wearing her alternate primary outfit, a sleeveless PVC catsuit. the next two are, well, pretty obvious, and the fourth is  her geared up for a sabbat Crusade.

Barry 'Suplex' Harding

This is Barry ‘Suplex’ Harding, a Silver Fang Ahroun and former high school athlete. He’s in Glabro form here – in Homid form he’s a blonde dude.

Three’s Company

May 15, 2011

    Come and knock on our door…..
    We’ve been waiting for you……
    Where the kisses are hers and hers and his,
    Three’s company too.

    Come and dance on on our floor……
    Take a step that is new…..
    We’ve a loveable space that needs your face,
    Three’s company too.

    You’ll see that life is a frolic and laughter is calling for you……
    Down at our rendez-vous,
    Three’s company, too!

In this context, those chipper old lyrics are… actually somewhat distressing. I’m talking about the context of a passel of ghouls, Cainites and monstrosities designed to go along with Number Three, from my most recent Four Splat post. If Three ever actually appears in a game, I’d have at least some  of these folks show up too. (more…)

Four Ghouls

May 11, 2011

This edition of my “Four Splat” post series is about Vampire: the Masquerade’s answer to Renfield: the Ghouls. I’ve always had a soft spot for the little krevni oddats (blood addicts), which is fitting given that one of my favorite clans are the Tzimisce, the unquestioned masters of ghouldom. (more…)

Legend of the Archons: The Learned Man’s Guide to Vampires

October 5, 2010

The following is detail relating to the vampires of Occida, the setting of my Legend of the Archons RPG.

Read about the blighted nocturnal horrors here