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“I Know a Guy That Knows a Guy”

June 14, 2018

So I came up with a new Rote for Mage: the Ascension that I felt like sharing.

I Know a Guy That Knows a Guy (Mind 3, Corr 3, Entropy 1)

Need a guy that knows how to do the thing or how to find out what you need to know? Filter the universe through the complex and often random interconnectedness of humanity and you should, within a few degrees of separation, be able to trace those chance connections to find a guy you know that knows a guy that knows that guy, and how to make the connection. You might also add a dot of Matter to find a guy that has a specific type of object you’re after. The more successes gained, the fewer degrees of separation. Ever wonder how that Syndicate fixer always knows a guy? This is how.

Possible tweaked versions folks have suggested:

  • add life 3 to make a “guy guy” by adding to the duration you lock the effect onto a preexisting contact that then uses it to build up a stock of “guys” that he can tap at a moment’s notice letting the mage build up contacts and influence over time. (William Macklin)
  • add Time 2 to know not just how to contact your “guy”, but when is the most advantageous time to do so. “So… make sure you talk to him before next Tuesday.” “Why?” “Well… he’s going to have an unfortunate accident.” (Daniel Jones)
  • Add Spirit to include spirits or ghosts as “guys” in your degrees of separation. “I do know a guy that used to know a guy. Bad news is, he’s been dead for awhile. Good news is, I know how to get in touch.” (Daniel Jones)

M20 and a Syndicate Character Concept

June 10, 2015

Backers of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Mage: the Ascension have got their hands on the prerelease version of the PDF, and though I’m sure there’ll be updates, what backers (like myself) have is largely what the final game is going to look like. My own impression is, of course, mixed, as the reception of anything related to Mage inevitably will be given the nature of the game and its interminable edition wars, paradigm-related flamewars etc.

Overall, it’s well constructed with an eye towards giving fans of all three prior editions something to smile about, and it also embarks on the challenging task of updating the setting and Awakened society without stifling creativity, making the Spheres, Paradigm and Consensual Reality more accessible to players as well, with laudable aplomb and skill.

While I could do without it being “Mage: now with 500% more kung fu!” that last part’s easy enough to fix by dropping that superfluous Skill along with a couple of other similarly unnecessary additions and possibly tweaking how players can get access to those pages upon pages of martial arts-related special maneuvers. The addition of Martial Arts as a separate Ability from Brawl feels reminiscent of Kindred of the East, The Book of Combat and Exalted. Man, I feel dirty from having had to reference any of those three in my blog, let alone all three in one post. However, that particular (minor but noisy) gripe isn’t what got me writing tonight.

No, what got me writing tonight is a character concept that leapt all but full fledged into my brain while I was making catfish tacos with mango salsa for dinner tonight (they were awesome, incidentally). One of the great things about the rise of Onyx Path is that they finally made the (beautifully nuanced) Revised-era Technocracy convention books that White Wolf left hanging after the excellent Iteration X Convention book. Probably my favorite from that line was, of all things, The Syndicate (though I disagreed with cutting off the SPD, but hey… I just might be biased) for its very interesting exploration of an easily demonized and oft-caricatured Convention.

Anyhow, as I was cooking, I was thinking on the Syndicate and on the Management and Human Resources sidebar from M20 and extrapolating on that. I was also thinking of sympathetic Syndicate mages, and then a character concept occurred to me. Here’s a  breakdown of the concept below:


Healthcare Provider

You always felt the calling to be a healer. To nurture the growing, heal the hurting and comfort those whose loved ones are beyond help. Therefore, like many young people, you dreamed of becoming a doctor. Life has a funny way of kicking people right in the dreams sometimes. You had good grades in high school that gave you high hopes. Though you were a fine student, your real aptitudes were always people and groups and the “soft subjects” like debate and speech rather than biology or chemistry: you were the treasurer and student council rep for the Rotaract Club, and were a natural leader.

Still, you were determined to be a healer. Between your grades, extracurriculars, charm and skillfully leveraged family connections you entered a prestigious med school. That’s where your dreams started to crumble: while smart and competent, you just weren’t cut out to excel as a physician. Surrounded with driven, genuinely gifted med students, you rapidly fell into (and then below) the middle of the pack. Then you had to face the heartbreaking truth and find something else to do with your life. (more…)