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Lines of Authority

July 2, 2017

That title sounds a bit pompous, but it will suit. Anyhow, here’s another of those occasional non-geekery related posts that crop up on here. Come to think of it, it will actually seem pretty geeky to some, but it’s geekery of an altogether different order than the fare that usually makes its way onto my WordPress.

There’s a curious little card in my wallet that’s been there since the Clinton administration, one which I obtained from my late father. Upon this card is the following information about myself and the men that have gone before: (more…)


Religion, Fantasy Races And Tokenism

October 18, 2010

It seems to me that, though there are a number of exceptions of course, fantasy settings tend to have polytheistic religions. Also, in those settings that have nonhuman inhabitants, there is very seldom much if any religious crossover between humanity and the other species. Humans generally have one or more pantheons of gods (or occasionally just one god for all humanity), and each individual nonhuman race tends to have one god (or a discrete and separate pantheon) all to itself. Fantasy settings also tend to have a lot more henotheism than is evidenced in earth’s history as well, but that’s a separate discussion. (more…)

Trugman G. Madsen Dies at 82

May 31, 2009

Full Story from the Salt Lake Tribune.

I briefly met Brother Madsen back in 1998, while I was a missionary serving under President Dale B. Murphy in the Massachusetts Boston Mission. The occasion was a conference held at the Cambridge Ward building across the street from the Longfellow house. There I spoke with him for a few moments, but more memorably heard him give an address about the prophet Joseph as well as Brother Madsen’s experiences at the Jerusalem center. I have always enjoyed his writings and thoughts, and my condolences go to this good man’s family.

His words, his testimony and his passion for the gospel will be remembered.

It really is ironic that the same building where I heard him speak and where he spent so much time serving in the chuirch in earlier years is the one that burned within a week of his passing (See the Boston Globe article on the fire).

Astonishing Findings

April 25, 2009

Okay,  so this is one of those rare posts where I talk about my self and my actual life in my blog.

Today, while my wife and I were working on cleaning up her late grandfather’s room in our house, we discovered something sitting collecting dust that we would never have expected to find: an old poster of the general authorities of the church at some point between 1963 and 1970.  I could narrow it down further than that by identifying when all the brethren on it were called to what, but that’s good enough for now. The poster itself would be a neat little curiosity only if not for one little thing: it is signed, by hand, by almost everybody depicted on the poster.

Included are the signatures of the last eight men that served at one point or another as President of the Church, from David O. McKay to (as the junior member of the Quorum of the Twelve) the current prophet Thomas S. Monson.

Other than the period’s Twelve Apostles it also features several later Apostles such as then-young Boyd K. Packer,  Bruce R. McKonkie and others.

What a fascinating artifact, if one is interested in LDS history.  My wife’s grandfather was friends with David O. McKay, which is almost certainly how this piece of memorabilia came into his possession. Now that we know about it, it can be cherished and kept properly. The thing will probably end up in a frame before too much longer.

Strange days.