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More Thoughts On Redeeming Banes and Fomori

May 4, 2011

While I’m on the rather “out there” subject of creating Kami and redeeming Fomori, I figure I might as well post a few more thoughts about the technique I thought of for turning Fomori into Kami, and a new Rite that “repairs” Banes and restores them to their Gaia-given function. (more…)


Esoteric Rites, Both Noble and Depraved

May 4, 2011

I’ve talked quite a bit lately about assorted Rites that ought to be written up for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and the time has come. The Rite of Consecration and the Rite of the Wretched Worm are stated as existing (only the former by name, however) in Werewolf canon, but their details are never actually given. The Rite of Falcon’s Blood was created to plug a perceived inconsistency in the history of the Silver Fangs, and is a cousin to the Rite of Adoption utilized by the Uktena and Children of Gaia. The Rite of Awakening Gaia’s Power is a strictly personal and speculative creation made as a follow up to my recent posts about Fomori and Kami. (more…)

Four Cliaths

April 29, 2011

I recently decided to have a little fun rapidly hacking together a few starter-level Garou characters. I doubt they’ll ever see play, though they may turn up as cast members in Troubled. The idea was to put together a group of Garou that would be suitable for what I like to call “Steve’s Army.” Each of the following Garou is from a different tribe. All but one have a  comparatively fighty quality about them, but each of those also has some quirk that keeps them from relying on claws, fangs or fetish weaponry in combat. Also, at least two of them are built on strong social skills more than anything else, and one is focused on being a lookout type. I’m not convinced that they are really finished, but they’re pretty close. (more…)

Garou Rites of Adoption, Strangulation and You!

April 29, 2011

This post is part of my ongoing and highly enjoyable effort at taking the Werewolf: the Apocalypse (with a dash of Mage: the Ascension) rules and bending their fingers backwards until they cry for mercy, without actually breaking or changing them. Or, in less idiomatic terms, using them in ways that are technically correct but which were almost certainly never intended.

Bear with me. This is a post in a couple parts. First, an examination of one particular Rite. Secondly, explanation of the implications of sweet combo action between this Rite and one other as pertaining to Mages. Third, a couple bits of speculation about the first Rite discussed.

Though Garou use the Rite of Renunciation to have a Garou or Kin formally leave their tribe, of course the Rite of Passage (the same rite that’s used on brand spanking new Garou) is then used to join a new tribe… with some exceptions. There’s an Uktena Rite of Accord (level 2, found in the Uktena Tribebook) called the Rite of Adoption that they use instead of a second Rite of Passage in these sorts of cases. The Children of Gaia have an equivalent rite also, as do a few other unspecified tribes. The Black Furies have a slightly different version called the Ritual of Acceptance. (more…)

Fomori and Kami

April 28, 2011

My recent Werewolf: the Apocalypse post about the remote but definite possibility of transforming a Fomor into a Kami sparked some discussion among my friends and I.

Some of them, as folks that aren’t so obsessive about Wyrm-lore and obscure WtA creatures as I am asked for a bit of clarification on the differences. So here’s a post about that, and also a post about a further extension of the other one, positing a way that Garou (or potentially even other Kami, though the odds of one doing so are… slim) might be able to artificially create more Kami. (more…)

What Is It With Me and Black Spiral Dancers?

April 21, 2011

This is a long and rambling post. You have been warned.

I’ve been roleplaying for a long time: since 1987-8. My gaming career started out with Tunnels & Trolls (thank you, Ken St.Andre!) and my own home brewed games, pretty much at the same time. Within a year I was playing and/or DMing AD&D 1st edition (I pretty much skipped right past basic D&D), Gamma World and Traveler in addition to T&T. From there I jumped to the Palladium (I played almost everything that they made back between 1989-1995) and WFRP rulesets, played quite a bit of Paranoia, Ad&D 2e and more. From the time that I first adopted WFRP through about 2001, that was my primary game system, though it usually had a co-favorite.

Around 1993, I encountered Vampire: the Masquerade (and especially Vampire: The Dark Ages), which soon displaced Rifts as my second game of choice. It wasn’t long before I took a look at Werewolf: The Apocalypse but I was initially quite unimpressed because at the time I found the Garou to be wholly unsympathetic, psychotic ecoterrorists without the depth or ambiguity of the Kindred, yet whom the authors seemed to want the players to consider heroic.

My friend Peter was pretty keen on Werewolf though,  so I bought him The Book of the Wyrm as a present. One day he and I were sitting and discussing that book, and I found the Black Spiral Dancers to be a completely fascinating group. (more…)

It’s Like Ginger Ale and Black Licorice

April 19, 2011

Two great tastes that taste sharp and odd together, but great if you’re into that sort of thing.

What am I talking about? Strange musings and realizations about crossover involving a Fomor and Mages.

Patrick was asking me what, if anything, Umbra (a somewhat confusingly-named Son of Ether who specializes in the Mind sphere) could do to the Bane living in Linda’s head or at least to help her mitigate its effects on her mind and personality.

Since he’s got no dots in Spirit, the answer’s… not much. Get him a dot in spirit to go with his 3 Mind, and now he might be able to bolster her ability to pass Autonomy rolls and things like that, however. He’d need 4 Spirit to exorcise the Bane, and Spirit + mind together could definitely influence its goals and emotions, plant suggestions etc.

Then I reviewed what spirit 5 can do. Now, nobody in this Mage group is gonna have 5 dots in spirit any time remotely soon. Probably ever. Check this out:

“The most advanced understanding of Spirit allows the mage to shape ephemera as he desires. The mage can alter, destroy or create spirit material, force it to obey his whims or gift it with new powers. He can sense and affect the spirits of living beings and the dead alike, and journey to the farthest reaches of the spirit worlds, defended by his own mastery.

A simple spell enables the Master to heal spirits and restore their Power, which is a potent way to garner spirit allies. The mage can also reshape spirits as he desires, although particularly powerful spirits can take a long time to change, and most spirits will object to such treatment.”

So a Master of Spirit could outright re-write a spirit into an entirely different type of spirit, though making it relatively similar to what it was before would surely be a lot easier and almost certainly friendlier to most paradigms. So… a Master of Spirit could theoretically take a Bane and turn it into a Gaian spirit. So… theoretically, if a Master of Spirit did that to a Bane living inside a Fomor without kicking the Bane out first, then the result could theoretically be turning a Fomor into a Kami. That’s pretty wild and wacky, in a fairly cool way, although it’s be a pretty serious mind rape for the fomor involved, since their personality would be forcibly reshuffled along with the Bane’s. Can you say “Care Bear Stare“?

After I saw that, I remembered a Rank 5 Theurge gift that can do something similar: The Malleable Spirit (shuffling a spirit’s stats is difficulty 6, disposition is 8 and type is 10). Well, not similar. It can do the exact same thing. Now, turning a Bane to a nature spirit or an elemental would be Difficulty 10, but it would be totally doable. The hard part here is that it would be an opposed Gnosis roll, and the Bane’s difficulty is the Theurge’s Gnosis score while the Theurge’s would be 10. The odds wouldn’t be so hot… unless you’ve got some tricks like Bone Rhythms and a Unicorn totem (since it could be argued that this is a healing) to add another four dice to your action and other things that lower difficulties (Maybe a sympathetic Mage using Spirit magic to lower your difficulties or raise the Bane’s difficulty…).

Okay, if that were to somehow happen, how to handle the mechanics of the change? It would be fairly easy, actually. Well, first of all we’d have to strike Autonomy off the Fomor’s sheet since Kami don’t use that trait (they’re not a violation of identity but a harmonious union). Any Powers that were paid for with Autonomy have to be paid for with new Taints instead. Some powers cost different amounts for Kami versus Fomori (For instance Regeneration costs Fomori 7 Power while it costs Kami only 5.) Any powers that are inappropriate for Kami would have to be either purged or replaced, and likewise for Taints. some Backgrounds might have to change too… you can’t really have a Kami that’s Consecrated to a Nexus Crawler, after all. Oh, and you’d have to give the new Kami at least one Geasa. That’s pretty much it.

It’ll never happen. but it could. So bizarre, yet intriguing.

New Talens: Quick Sand & Sand Stone

April 10, 2011

Ever since I introduced Eel’s Gift Card recently, a couple of the players in the Project: Overwatch chronicle have been engaged in breaking the universe coming up with custom Talens. Fun times!

Here are two of the products of our fevered imaginations…

Quick Sand [Gnosis 5 Talen]

This talen, which contains an Earth Elemental, takes the form of a small decorated pouch filled with sand. When this sand is sprinkled on the ground, the talen takes effect. Each success on the activation roll turns a 10-foot square area of ground into a viscous, sticky substance like quicksand. Anyone in the affected area can only move at half walking speed, and no combat maneuvers requiring movement may be executed. Additionally, the difficulties for all attacks involving actions more complex than basic grappling are increased by one. The effect lasts for the duration of the scene.

Sand Stone [Gnosis 5 Talen]

This talen takes the form of a sandstone pebble on which the Garou glyphs for earth and water have been carved. This stone is activated by being dropped or thrown into mud, swamp, quicksand, silt or similar substances. Each success on the activation roll turns a 10-foot square area of mire into solid stone or a hard-packed clay substrate for the duration of the scene. An earth elemental empowers this object.

Three Troubled People

April 6, 2011

Troubled Headline 2

Below we have a concept sketch from my upcoming project “Troubled”. More to come later. Who loves ya, baby?

Three Troubled People and also see this piece on deviantART

More TekTek Foolishness

April 5, 2011

Why do I love making these ridiculous little Gaia Online avatars so much, even though I have never played Gaia Online or visited their forums and have no interest in doing so? The world may never know.

Anyhow, this one’s a mixed Overwatch Project/Troubled collection. (more…)