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A Few Old NBish Bits

June 18, 2014

As a follow up to my last post, I thought that I would share a few old screenshots that I still had lying around somewhere from back in my old NB days or just following its demise. Most of the bits I’ll post here, I held on to for humor value, though a few I kept for more sentimental reasons. NB was a weird and wild place, and I enjoyed it… most of the time. Most but not all of the below are bits of out-of-character conversation. Due to the format of this blog, quite a few of these images are displayed at a smallish size. You should be able to right click on them and view their full size versions, however. None of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Below, the ever-awesome ST Keith shared with me something that a player (who was running a Demon: the Fallen character) had asked him via private message…


Apparently, Georgia’s got some, ah, interesting rules regarding their driver’s licenses:


Sometimes, a player would post in the wrong window, with embarrassing results:

Image (more…)


New Bremen, Closed For 10 Years?

June 17, 2014

Today is the 10th anniversary of the closure of the venerable New Bremen Moderated Chat, which for what few whippersnappers out there may actually stumble over this, was a Java-based chat environment that was a cousin to the venerable MUDs, something like a text-based MMO for roleplaying in White Wolf’s World of Darkness (now known as the cWoD, and revived a couple of years back thanks to Onyx Path). I played there from their opening on April 22, 2000, bringing the original iteration of Linda Lee in there from the get go, and I had the pleasure and honor to be the head of its Werewolf team that ran the final scene that closed the doors on its final day. A June 17th, 2004 closure was planned, but the final scene rolled over past midnight Pacific time and into the following day before we finally wrapped and pulled the plug, so I stick with the 18th and do the same with this post, on general principle.

On January 27, 2002 I became an assistant ST there, working with the inimitable Joy Nelson and covering Kinfolk and the Media in New Bremen’s Mortals team, then in May-June of that year I was promoted to full ST, kept Kinfolk as part of my portfolio and was moved over to the Werewolf team assigned to cover the SF, GoF and ShL tribes. By August I had been reassigned to open the door to the antagonists area of WtA (I kept Kinfolk for a while too, and coordinated the Broken Caves sept’s sub-team for a while. In September 2003, I picked up the mantle of head Werewolf ST and remained in that capacity for the duration. Looking back, I can see a great many things that I could have done better of course, but that is of course the nature of hindsight. For example, character creation was too restrictive by the end as an intended remedy to their wild and wooly early days’ utter havoc, and the way that Lore abilities worked was a bit much, and I’d like to have made PCs rather than plot more of a driver to the Malfean Quest storyline; though I did try to strike a balance there, I do think my approach was a bit off that center. Still, it was fun doing it and the players that participated in the quest as well as the last stand of the Mended Past sept did tell me that they enjoyed the experience, which I suppose is the final measure of my team’s efforts. That was also my departure from STing in a moderated chat environment, a decision that I do not regret. Still, fond and often bemusing or aggravating memories abound.

ImageYes, I still have that old GIF that served as the logo for my old and long-lost Geocities New Bremen ST page. That’s because I still am the Wyrm. And yes, of course I backed the BotW20 kickstarter. So should you, but only if you like cool things. You do like cool things, don’t you?

In honor of the closure of New Bremen, I will post a few items from the end, and over the next few days I’ll post some screenshots of particularly memorable or humorous moments from (or talking about) NB that either I or others felt the need to save, some old NB-related artwork and so on. (more…)

The Joys Of Online RP Politics

April 22, 2011

I was talking with an old friend from back in the NB days last night, who has stayed on in the world of chat-based RP that I mostly turned my back on ages ago for PbP and the like. He was one of my assistants when I was the Werewolf head in New Bremen.

I’d asked him a question about something that kickstarted a whole “old days” conversation, and he brought up a guy that used to be a bit of a problem both in-character and out back in NB, and with whom I used to butt heads a fair amount. Once I became Werewolf head rather than just a ST, this person had gone out of his way to transparently kiss my backside and try to curry my favor. Heck, if I remember correctly at one time he applied to be one of my assistants (but I might well not remember correctly). (more…)

On the Identity of Number Two

April 21, 2011

This is another of my hopelessly geeky posts about something that is probably almost ridiculously obscure. It’s about the identity of a particular villain from Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and how I changed this little-known detail for my own purposes when I was running the Apocalypse scenario in New Bremen.

Both editions of the Book of the Wyrm mention a figure known as Number Two. This very unpleasant Bane Incarna is the ruler of Malfeas, the Near Realm generally considered the domain of the Wyrm (the Wyrm itself, as one of the Triat, is actually most commonly understood to reside in the Deep Umbra, though there is an Anchorhead connecting to its general location in the Deep Umbra from Malfeas). It is pointed out that Number Two was once a Black Spiral Dancer, and eventually ascended to his current status as an Incarna-level spirit. Along with this, the Book of the Wyrm notes that he keeps his old mortal identity a closely guarded secret to prevent his name from being used against him as a weapon. Apparently (though it’s not spelled out in detail) He’s got some sort of Ban that makes him vulnerable to folks that wield his former name. Neither edition of the Book of the Wyrm tells us who he was, however (I don’t recall if the MET version did, but off the top of my head I don’t think so). (more…)

How To Scare Garou Packs (Without Blowing The SFX Budget)

March 10, 2011

The mixed oWoD Mage/Werewolf Chronicle I’m playing in and the travails of our intrepid ST who’s been trying to threaten our one Fomor and one Werewolf character (long story how those two haven’t… quite… come to blows yet…) without vaporizing the four Mages in the group has got me thinking back to my years of running massive Werewolf games and combats featuring a dozen or more Garou (ah, New Bremen, land of massive sprawling combats and Care Bears), and the ways that you can slow oWoD combat monsters down without blowing your entire special effects budget in a single Michael Bay-esque flurry of explosions and therefore overkilling the weaker fighters.

Several strategies immediately sprang to mind. Just off the top of my head: (more…)

Life as a [DATA EXPUNGED] Kinfolk

October 1, 2010

The following document is a transcript taken from an audio recording on a CD[i] that was delivered to the Professor ████████████, ret., a █████████████ Kinfolk and ██████████████ in the ███████. Certain data points and names have been redacted in this copy of the transcript, and the speaker (who identifies herself as a Ms. ███) [ii] appears to have edited her own voice recording as well prior to delivery, cutting out several sections of considerable length after the original recording was created.

Read the full transcript here