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Did You Just Curb Stomp A Bloodthirster?

January 16, 2011

Back when I was still in high school lo these many moons ago (1995), there was an incident in my then-active (and now dormant but not actually over) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition campaign where Uhlrik got lured into a combat-by-champion as his forces were preparing to fight Dark Elves in the Battle of Finval Plain. What the Druchii had somehow failed to mention was the fact that their champion was a Keeper of Secrets, greater daemon of Slaanesh, by the name of Kathaekeen. Uhlrik actually won the duel though he was severely injured and took multiple minor critical hits before chopping off the daemon’s arm and then bisecting the monster at the waist.

Uhlrik Smiting the Keeper of Secrets

Uhlrik Smiting the Keeper of Secrets, drawn 1995

This incident took place when Uhlrik was already absurdly powerful but he was weaker than he is now, and his infamously nasty magic battle axe Frost Drake had not yet been upgraded by the Priests of Vaul to its current power levels either. The dice were fairly kind to him, and he pulled out a win. So today, I was idly wondering how he’d stack up against Greater Daemons of various sorts now. So I”m going to run the numbers and see what we get. Remember that this is using WFRP 1st edition rules. I don’t own the second or third editions, and haven’t converted the big guy’s stats over. How Uhlrik would do against the same creatures in those systems, I really couldn’t say. (more…)


Caledor Thaddeus MacRae

October 26, 2010

Here’s the current working version of Caledor Thaddeus MacRae, the SteamHammer dude that I’m working on. Yay for placeholders! I shall continue to edit this as I make progress.


Caledor Thaddeus MacRae

Concept: Blue Blooded Sorcerer-Inventor

Species: Half-Elf

Direct lineal descendant of Rahann Magritte Gunderit, member of the merged lines of Gunderit and MacRae, scion of House Gunderit.

Phase I – Background

Events: Of mixed yet noble ancestry, Caledor was in many ways set apart from his upper-class peers. On the one hand, he was a part of the founding house of his nation, but on the other that house no longer rules Freinorden. Also, neither the descendants of Asur nor Druchii are entirely comfortable with a man who claims not only both, but even beastmen and mutants as ancestors. Accordingly, He grew up being publicly treated with respect, but privately isolated. Instead of cultivating many friends, he turned inward and discovered that the spark of magic burned bright indeed within his breast.

Aspects: High Magic Prodigy, House Gunderit

Phase II – Education

Events: Caledor was raised with every advantage, and his powerful mind and deft physicality left no question but that he had fairly earned a place in the prestigious Enric-MacRae Polygnostic University rather than winning it through family connections. He excelled in his studies, and in particular found a passion for rune engineering and aviation.

Aspects: Nothing But The Finest, The Wind In His Veins

Phase III – Wars and Perplexities

Events: Caledor served for a time as a dashing officer of the Freinorden Fifth Air Fleet, and spent a number of years running sky pirates and Old World privateers to ground, and was decorated for gallantry and initative in the storming of the sky-fortress of the Skull Emir of Marrakaz.

Aspects: Stiff Upper Lip, Thunder Drake

Phase IV – Caledor MacRae and the Storm Engine!

Aspects: The Rahann Device, The Nefarious Professor Hertzfeldt

Phase V –


Skill Pyramid:


Warhammer Story Snippet: War Correspondence

August 24, 2009

Gaming/Fiction Geektude Alert: The following is a bit for the longstanding and very strange Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign The Legacy of the Gods. I’ve posted a number of other things from this campaign to this blog, and here’s another. It’s not especially polished, but such it is.

It’s a letter written by herr Uhlrik Gunderit der Größerdrache to Finubar, the 11th (and current) Phoenix King of Ulthuan, regarding certain aspects of the war that they are engaged in. This letter was written during the passage back towards Naggaroth from Marienburg and given to Ludwig before Uhlrik departed on his possibly suicidal quest into the wastes, for eventual delivery to Finubar or his representative. It also helps highlight an important shift in relationships between the Phoenix Throne and the Dragon Brethren.

Anyhow, let the geektude commence…


Steamhammer: a Taste of Things to Come

August 23, 2009

So, I have decided that my poll has gone on long enough, and the results are ones that I can work with. At a commanding plurality of 44%, the winner is Steamhammer. I really liked Warhammer: Age of Steam and Rune Engine also, but I’ll go with the results of the poll on this one. I do think that is a good title and I’ll run with it.

Also, I’ll give a little tidbit of one of the ideas that is going in to this game as well. Note that any wiki links below are to items and persons that as they were in 2519 IC, not as they now exist some 500 years or so later.

One of the distinctive features of this setting is that, not only is it in an industrial revolution/age of steam type tech level, but also that certain enterprising factions have also begun fairly serious explorations of the possible integration of magic and technology, leading to some steam-powered wonders of rune and steel known to modern science as Rune Engines. The first pioneers into this area of knowledge were of course the verminous Skaven with the insane warlock-engineering of Clan Skryre, and the Skaven remain on the bleeding (and extremely explosive) edge of this technological wave.

However, outside of Skavendom, the field of magically-empowered technology owes much of its current state to experiments and concepts pioneered in the New World rather than in the old. Cultural factors such as the influence of elvish views on magic and an eagerness to recruit engineers that were willing to innovate beyond the bounds and restrictions of the dwarven engineer’s guild in the Old World combined to create an atmosphere that was more receptive to this sort of endeavor. Indeed the civilized nations of the Old World have been slow to adopt or pursue this area of knowledge and remain far behind due mostly to their distrust of magic at large.

The greatest of the early innovators in this area were the Get of Oroboros, the magical society operating out of Schloβ Drache as part of the Dragon Brethren. Their leader, the immensely powerful Liche Cedric Enric, along with his closest collaborators Derelek Caravan the dwarven alchemist/engineer and the intuitively gifted Rahann Magritte Gunderit, pioneered most of the early work in this field and much of what stands today is based on their body of innovation.

One particular area into which very few other than Enric have been willing to delve is a sub-type of rune engine that has immense yet eerie and ethically worrisome promise. This is arguably Cedric’s greatest invention: the Wraith Engine. Using mysterious necromantic arts both of his own devising and derived from ancient nehekaran texts, the master Liche has learned how to bind the spirits of the restless dead into arcane machineries to provide them with motive force and even the ability to operate with a guiding albeit often malevolent intelligence.

Since the fall of the original Schloβ Drache into the harbor at Kalterhafen, Cedric has turned the partially-submerged fortress into his own personal workshop and field for experimentation. Few mortal beings are permitted (or would desire) to enter now, and no living men patrol its crooked battlements though their position commands a highly strategic point for defense against any naval assault on this critical port city. Mortal defenders are unnecessary, for Enric has filled the place with spirits, undead beings and wraith engines in the form of both automata and artillery.

Around the ancient fortress, sunken ships litter the bottom of the harbor. These ships have been visited, partially repaired and imbued with wraith engines of their own by Enric and his minions. He has several times deliberately scuttled captured enemy vessels to add to this number. Should any hostile fleet dare to sail on Kalterhafen, they would have to contend not only with the mortal navy stationed there and the formidable gunnery of Cedric’s tower, but also would have to contend with a flotilla of ghost ships rising up from the deep in their very midst to wreak havoc.

We shall further examine Rune Engineering, the Wraith Engine and other subjects of interest to Steamhammer at another time.

Also, because I’m a dork that enjoys creating these silly little electronic paper dolls, I’ll post a pic of a possible character idea that I had – I haven’t named him yet, but I envision him as a descendant of Rahann Gunderit who has continued to pursue advancements in rune engine technology.

Young, well bred and a mad sorcerer-scientist. Whats not to love?

Young, well bred and a mad sorcerer-scientist. What's not to love?

Warhammer Story Tidbit: Cedric

February 20, 2009

Gamer/Fiction writer geekery alert: if you aren’t interested in reading something that I hashed hastily together without the help of an editor, then you have been warned and have no one to blame but yourself. If you’re down with that, proceed.

This teeny vignette is set in the Warhammer World, specifically that of my Legacy of the Gods story arcs. It takes place the morning of Uhlrik’s secretive departure from Athgorond/Schloß Drache, within that fortress’s confines. I previously posted a couple little tidbits from his journey in this journal (here and here).

Anyhow, on with the fiction:


Gottfried? Is That You?

February 11, 2009

Anima: Alastor the Arbiter
by `Wen-M on deviantART

I’m posting this piece because it reminds me of Gaynor/Gottfried, my recurring villain guy.

New Year, New TekTek

January 1, 2009

Yes, once in a while I do still relapse into fascination with this cracktastic little thing.

I figured new years would be a good time to post some new stuff, and revisions on some old ones including Venture (dun dun dun)!

I tweaked an avatar of myself to suit my new look. Huzzah.

Very slight tweak to Venture Smith so he can actually have an axe like he’s supposed to instead of that thor-hammer.

I was finally able to make a version of Stone Fist that I’m fairly happy with. At least this one looks quite a bit like ol’ Stoney. It’s a lot tougher looking than the lame old chibi too.

LoA chibis:

Balor of the Evil Eye, one of the Lords of Winter.

Another Lord of Winter: The Horned One.

Bertolt Brecht, episcopal witch-hunter.

Duchess Constance Rose, noble horse breeder and tomboy, shown to the left clothed for riding rather than affairs of state, and on the center kitted out for jousting, one of her favorite sports… finally, on the left actually looking the part of a lady of her station. (added 2/17/2009 edit)

Kazemde Ini-Herut, a very wierd sort of pseudo-coptic syncretic martial artist monk that transforms into a jackal-man… Added in 3/28/2009 edit.

a baloros fomorian

a typical cernos fomorian

One of the lost

Redone Versions of old Warhammer chibis:

Yet another take on Adolf Lundgren. For a supporting cast member, I’ve sure redone this guy a lot. Mostly because I never found a decent halberd before this one.

Yup. more redone Rahanns. A better spear showed up and I tweaked her armor, then messed with the hooves a bit. So sue me.

And lastly, one new WH chibi that wouldn’t have been possible before:

How Katarina Gunderit, the unfortunate third child of Uhlrik and Cassandra, might look when she reaches adulthood.

Cedric redone. Update 3/28/2009


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TekTek Anonymous Will Never get Me

August 9, 2008

Bah. More of these things! in my defense, I made versions of these characters before and the then-available options were not satisfying to me. I’ll update this throughout the day with more of them too…

Rahann Gunderit Brauer, a very, very bad girl and el Uhlriko’s leetle sister. First, her as a Khorngor, second, her as a married woman at The Dragon’s Den, her husband Erich‘s establishment on Athgorond. I’ve always found this a particularly amusing notion: a Khorngor helping run a tavern on a flying castle… And third, her armored up as a Black Dragon officer. Killin’ is her calling, and she knows it.

And of course, an upgraded Erich Brauer. Sneaky git, illusionist, espionage expert and the Shadow Councilor. If we’re tektekking up the wifey, we might as well do the hubby too. He gots wierd taste in the ladies…

Gaston L’Honneur, the Red Councilor.

 Adolf Lundgren, Steel Councilor and Chief of the War Council.

 Olegnya Yeltsin, the Green Councilor.

 Vanye Waverider, the Blue Councilor

 Randle, a targeteer.
 Lester, centaur former slave/minion of Hotek with his head permanently encased in a helm. Also a snake-totem Druid.

 Mirrim Brauer, Erich’s grown daughter from a prior relationship (no, Rahann ain’t her mommy).

 Rusikis Gunderit, Skaven assassin and espionage agent.

 Tovril Der Grün, Jade Wizard and Deputy Archmage of the Get of Oroboros.  


May 18, 2008

Why Can’t You Resist This Woman?

It’s an article on “the crazy sexy girl” and some of why guys might be drawn to her like moths to flame. Plus, a hall of fame featuring a few examples.

For my old WFRP buddies, the poster child for “the crazy sexy girl” would be Cassandra, the High Elf noblewoman that eventually married Uhlrik. Yikes, what a wreck she turned out to be.

Yet more Tektek Absurdity

February 4, 2008

I’ve been fiddling around with this silly thing again. Imagine that.

Here is a collection of assorted things, of varying quality. A little bit of DCU/GK:1943 stuff, a lot of Pax Imp stuff and a few assorted odds and ends.

The obligatory new take on Uhlrik using the updated tektek thingie’s new toys. I wish they had an axe. However, using both the ice rod and mjolnir together does a pretty good job of simulating Frost Drake, the Big Guy’s signature weapon.

Pax Imperialis!

A preliminary idea for somebody’s partially-completed Pax Imperialis character. A down-on-his-luck arms dealer.

Another preliminary character idea for a mostly-completed character: a rogue Servitor. Yikes. Whatcha think, mang?

Klaud Diederich.

Constance in action clothes. The character herself is just about ready to jump into Pax Imperialis. I didn’t do this one, her player did

Sister Superior Hanna

Trass’sschall. If only I could get that skin in green.

Theresa Bacalski (preliminary – and just about ready to play)

Jin Orzhov (preliminary)

Arbitrator Taranih Sharifpour

Gavros Exos, Marshal of Court

Prefect Cedric Aquilos

Derrel Talbot

Baron Madrius Herrifydd

Preacher Yakob


Darkseid. I couldn’t really find any headpieces that were even close, unfortunately.


Another Astarielle. I’m not sold on this one, though.