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Return of the Expanded Powers & Taints

November 10, 2011

This is yet another in my rather extensive series of expanded powers & taints for possessed characters in Werewolf: the Apocalypse. This time, I have converted a number of the Kami powers found in the first edition Werewolf Storyteller’s Handbook. Now that this series has come to this point, I am also in process of compiling all of my expanded powers & taints to a single document, which I will make available at this blog. Watch this space. 🙂



Expanded Powers & Taints Strike Back: Charms II

November 8, 2011

Here’s the second in my series of taking existing Spirit Charms and turning them into Power for Possessed characters. This time I’m taking on a couple of the big, big Powers like Break Reality, Gateway and Warp Reality. I’ve added thsoe Spirit Charms from the Book of the Wyrm, 2nd edition and Umbra Revised that i felt were suitable for conversion, and I’m adding notes on using a couple more of the Charms found in the BotW2 but that may not really merit their own Power writeups. (more…)

Possessed Characters, Consecration and Totems

September 29, 2011

Possessed: a Player’s Guide gives very general rules for the Background: Consecrated but some intriguing possibilities. In its section on Kami, it mentions that maybe a Kami Consecrated to a Totem avatar might gain the same benefit for their consecration that a Garou might from a pack totem.

This needed some further exploration. (more…)

Still More Expanded Powers: Charms I

September 15, 2011

Here are a few more Powers for Possessed characters that I feel were fairly glaring omissions, especially Cleanse the Blight. They are converted from Spirit Charms found in the Werewolf core book.

If the powers of Possessed characters are derived from the spirits that inhabit them, it seems awfully strange to me that a number of the really basic core Charms are not represented with some sort of related Power. Quite a few of the Charms in the books are represented in some manner, especially since there are hundreds upon hundreds of Spirit Gifts that possessed characters can take, but there are a few Charms that don’t really seem to have a good equivalent Spirit Gift. Anyhow, here I’m endeavoring to fix that a bit.  (more…)

Yet More Expanded Powers & Taints

July 20, 2011

Yup. More of them. You know that you love me. I love you.

This time I’m assigning point costs to the powers found in a few other oWoD books. In this case, Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex, Dragons of the East, Kindred of the East and Werewolf: the Wild West. None of these really need any updating, so I’m not going to give the full details of these powers in this post.

At the bottom of this post, I’m also providing a couple of new Taints, mostly inspired by or lifted from Flaws found in Mage: the Ascension Revised. (more…)

New Power: Verdant Gate

July 20, 2011

This is a modified version of the Silent Strider Gift: Gate of the Moon. The rewrite is by Alesia Matson, for my upcoming Werewolf chronicle. She’s cool like that.

Power: Verdant Gate (5)
Kami and Gorgons may take this power. This power only works with appropriately-sized plant mass at two points. The Possessed character can open a special type of gate through Gaia’s living vegetative realm, allowing instantaneous travel to her destination.

System: The Possessed character spends one Gnosis point for every 100 miles she wishes to travel, and she rolls Intelligence + Alertness (difficulty depends on the distance of the journey and the accuracy with which she knows her destination – up to 10 for a far journey to an unknown place). Success allows the Possessed to travel to that place instantly. She will be disoriented for a turn unless she scored at least three successes. A botch means that the character is hurled through space in a random direction, arriving far from her destination (or even high in the air). The Possessed may take others with her by spending one Gnosis point per person.

Expanded Powers &Taints: Wet & Wild Edition

July 7, 2011

As a follow up to my last post, here’s a bit more of what I’ve got for you with regards to expanded Powers & Taints for Possessed characters in the oWoD. Last time I gave point costs and some slight updates to the Fomor powers found in the ancient supplement Monkeywrench! Pentex. Today I’m giving the Fomor powers found in World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides the same treatment and sharing a couple more of my own creations (get BDT – it’s pretty nifty). In cases where there is an updated version of a power found in BDT that is not sufficiently distinct to allow separate entries, this will be noted and the version in Possessed will take precedence. Who loves ya, baby? (more…)

Expanded Powers and Taints

July 5, 2011

Okay, so anybody that’s read my blog, like, ever, is well aware that I’m a fan of the Possessed character type for Werewolf: the Apocalypse. I’ve never been quite satisfied with the depth and breadth of the lists of powers but I’ve long felt that the Taints list in particular needs work.

Well, perhaps I had best back up a second with regards to the Powers list. Possessed characters, by way of the Power: Spirit Gift, have theoretical access to any and every Gift that exists anywhere in any book published for any Changing Breed in any Werewolf: the Apocalypse book, and that Gift can be of any Rank besides. Or at least any Gift that you can convince your ST will fit the sort of spirit that is possessing your character and the creature’s purpose. Yes, that’s breadth and depth galore for you. However, there are a lot of abilities that make sense to me for a Possessed character to have, yet don’t seem to match any Gift or preexisting Power.

So I’ve been rolling my own for quite some time now, because that’s how I roll. Most but not all of the new powers listed here were created while I was working on my Warhammer: Dark Fantasy project. Also, I’ve assigned points costs to some preexisting Powers that appeared in various books for NPC use but weren’t given costs at their time of publishing. If you think that the point costs of any of these powers ought to be adjusted, by all means provide input. 🙂 Oh, and more to come later. (more…)