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Oh, The Germanity! A Real Cowgirl!

April 5, 2011

Horse dreams dashed, German teen turns to cow Luna

Regina Mayer

LAUFEN, Germany – When Regina Mayer’s parents dashed her hopes of getting a horse, the resourceful 15-year-old didn’t sit in her room and sulk. Instead, she turned to a cow called Luna to make her riding dreams come true…

Now, something about a young German girl jumping over fences on cowback makes me happy. I just can’t help it.


OH, the Germanity! Crime and Punishment Edition

August 23, 2010

Robber Nabbed After Mocking Police In E-Mail.

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German bank robber led his pursuers straight to him after taunting police in an email over their efforts to catch him. Authorities in the southern city of Wuerzburg said on Wednesday the 19-year-old sent emails to police and two newspapers to point out factual errors in the report of his bank raid in the town of Roettingen a week ago…

Wait a second. Hasn’t this punk kid ever seen any crime movies?

Maybe he should have read this Cracked article before he got down to the crime thing…

Oh, The Germanity! Tractor Chase Edition.

July 9, 2009

Drunken tractor driver leads police on slow chase

BERLIN (Reuters) – A drunk German sparked a slow-speed police chase after stealing a tractor to get home from a nightclub after his girlfriend left without him, said police… (read more)

I was going to write something witty about this article, but I didn’t have time to finish this blog post back when I started it so I saved it as a draft… and whatever the witty thing was, it’s gone now. Ah well. I still find this story entertaining.