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Four Hunters

June 8, 2011

While the response to my Four Splat poll was a bit underwhelming, I was paying attention to it and will go with a group of four characters from the only game that both got any votes and fit the poll criteria. Changeling: the Lost got a vote also, and is a very cool game, but I did specify oWoD this time around and so it’s disqualified for now. I’ll probably do nChangeling for my next Four Splat post anyway, but for today, oWoD takes priority.

I’ll start this out by saying straight out that I’m not a big fan of Hunter: the Reckoning because I tend to prefer to have my WoD monster hunters to be truly normal humans, maybe with a Numina or two at most, rather than being the low grade Buffy-style Slayer knock offs that I saw Hunters as. I disliked that show, so maybe that tainted my perception of the game unfairly. There are definitely some cool ideas in Hunter, and some good potential. While it’s not quite my cup of herbal tea, I can appreciate it for what it is: a decent game about a few almost normal people dealing with a mad world where the scales of deceit have fallen away from their eyes.

I’ll add, however, the fact that I did enjoy making these and I do hope you’ll enjoy reading about them or possibly even using them as inspiration for characters (PC or NPC) in your own games. I know that, were I to play in a game of Hunter, I could certainly enjoy playing any one of these but especially Stacey and Ted. (more…)


Four Kinfolk

May 16, 2011

Yes, here’s yet another “four splat” post, as previously promised! I’ve been enjoying this project, rapidly hacking together groups of four different characters that fit within the same splat. Yes, I know my Four cliaths post was just four Garou rather than four members of the same tribe/auspice/whatever, but in a crossover game Garou count as a splat too, so there. 😉

Anyhow, following on a theme from last time I’m taking a look at the second bananas of another oWoD gameline, in this case the Kinfolk from Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I’m fond of Kin, and have found them to be a lot of fun to play in the right sort of chronicle. They actually have tremendous dramatic potential, and can be so much more than just brothers, mothers, mates and children to werewolves – they’re actually better suited than one might think to be protagonists in their own right. My longtime character Linda Lee started out as a standard unaugmented Kinfolk, and her Garou cousin/mate/enemy Gorm and daughter Krissy got to be in the story at all because they were related to her instead of the other way around. She was a lot of fun and had interesting stories going with lots of conflict going on even before she eventually became a mutant monstrosity. Now, on with the folks that usually only matter dramatically because of who they’re related to! (more…)

Four Splat Poll # 1

May 16, 2011

I’m currently finishing up the Kinfolk Four Splat post, and am pondering what to do next.

Lemme know what you’d like to see, and maybe I’ll take your choice. 🙂

Once I’ve done a few more OWoD Four Splat posts, I’ll expand it into other systems such as nWoD or further afield. I’m open to suggestions on those systems, though I’m not going to buy a new system just for a blog post containing sample characters… but I’ve got a lot of games, so there’s that.

Four Ghouls

May 11, 2011

This edition of my “Four Splat” post series is about Vampire: the Masquerade’s answer to Renfield: the Ghouls. I’ve always had a soft spot for the little krevni oddats (blood addicts), which is fitting given that one of my favorite clans are the Tzimisce, the unquestioned masters of ghouldom. (more…)

Four Hermetics

May 5, 2011

In the vein of my recent post Four Cliaths, I’ve decided to quickly dash together four starter-level characters for Mage: the Ascension, but with the restriction that they are all required to be members of the Order of Hermes rather than any other Tradition.

The Hermetics are my favorite Tradition, and the one with which I am the most familiar. I’m not a real Mage expert, but I do like the game. There’s something lovable about a game of philosophical knife fights. Since all are Hermetics, what I’ll do is make one Mage with each of the four Essences. I think that I’ll continue with a series of these posts, each time with a different game or character type as a theme. If you’ve got requests, feel free to send them my way. (more…)

Four Cliaths

April 29, 2011

I recently decided to have a little fun rapidly hacking together a few starter-level Garou characters. I doubt they’ll ever see play, though they may turn up as cast members in Troubled. The idea was to put together a group of Garou that would be suitable for what I like to call “Steve’s Army.” Each of the following Garou is from a different tribe. All but one have a  comparatively fighty quality about them, but each of those also has some quirk that keeps them from relying on claws, fangs or fetish weaponry in combat. Also, at least two of them are built on strong social skills more than anything else, and one is focused on being a lookout type. I’m not convinced that they are really finished, but they’re pretty close. (more…)