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The Morning Breaks

May 19, 2012

(The below is a direct follow up to Falling Awake)

Amrita had rolled into lotus after her last pose of the morning, body sweating pleasantly from one of her more strenuous routines. Her connection to Gaia was still strong this morning, and she let her awareness expand in the meditative state, flowing into “all that is” with each exhalation. It was a kind of pleasure that was difficult to explain to anyone who’d never felt something similar, that letting go of the ego-self in favor of the ultimate release into everything at once. But those who’d been there knew it too, and sometimes that had to be enough.

She was deeply aware of the shifts of consciousness in the house. One such shift rang like a bell in her own consciousness, just as the sun peaked above the eastern horizon.

Linda had awakened. (more…)


Awakening: The Battle of Cinder Cone

December 20, 2011

This sequence is a cutscene related to chapters 2-3 of The Enemy of My Enemy, the second story of the Awakening Chronicle.

*     *     *     *     *

Joseph Chases-the-Dream rejoined his pack after consulting with the mixed task force of mages, Garou and Kinfolk that had volunteered to strike at the witches beneath Cinder Cone and found his pack alpha Mingan Leaps-Like-cougar, the Wyrmfoe of the Sept of the Boiling Earth, addressing the several gathered packs. Joseph noted that a ways off from the group stood a tall, ragged bespectacled white man with close-cropped hair: Marcus Falcon’s-Resolve, who had been Ostracized. The other Garou present were ignoring his existence, neither welcoming nor forbidding him: he did not exist in their eyes, and Joseph blinded himself to the disgraced Silver Fang as well.

Mingan spoke: “We of the Warpath shall be the head of the arrow aimed at their hearts. Spear Dancers, follow immediately behind us, and the rearguard shall be the Black Wings,” Leaps instructed them as he reviewed the plan of attack. He gave each pack their assignments of which portions of Cinder Cone’s peak each was to sweep clear.

“The Wyrmbringers have numbers. They have high ground, and distance, and they are armed with silver ammunition,” Leaps stated gravely, “We must advance up a steep slope to fight them, and we have no cover other than what we ourselves can create. (more…)

Awakening: Those Left Behind

November 9, 2011

(This post focuses on what’s happening to some of the various NPCs in the Awakening chronicle in the time around the end of The Enemy of My Enemy, Chapter I)

It had been a bit of a strange day for Joseph Chases-the-Dream, all told.

After putting together a Litany Q&A for Amrita and having to call that to a premature conclusion, he had been left alone with Linda, the attractive yet mousy Kin woman that had recently been adopted into the tribe even though she was a creepy white girl formerly associated with the Black Spiral Dancers. (more…)

Awakening: Meanwhile, Not Far Away

October 11, 2011

This is a cut-scene taking place a number of miles north of Prospect Peak during the early stages of The Scouring.

*     *     *     *     *

Not far from the Penumbral representation of Signal Butte, a little bit south of the scar that was the spiritual representation of Highway 44 in the vicinity of Lassen Volcanic National Park, a dingy white-furred wolf loped steadily away from the roiling smoke that rose up behind Prospect Peak. Screams and shrieks of Banes and Glade Children and the howls of Garou could be heard in the far distance if one had ears sharp enough to listen. The wolf had such ears. (more…)

Awakening: A Gift

October 4, 2011

This is a transcript of a brief scene that takes place immediately after the most recent scene of The Boiling Earth (part of Chapter 4), where the troupe had just come from meeting with Solomon Wright. It focuses on Linda and Amrita.

*     *     *     *     *

Aladdin pulled up at the Seneca Motel in Chester. It really was a bargain basement sort of a place, but on the plus side they didn’t ask questions when Linda came in with blood on her jumpsuit the day before.

Linda clambered out of the vehicle and uttered a slight gasp. “Oh, ah almost fergot… Am? Ah still got that present fer ya.” (more…)

Awakening: Marcus Truman Bluebook II

September 25, 2011

The following is a bluebook that I received for Marcus during the past week, between Boiling Earth II and III, and is part 2 of the story of Marcus’ coming to the Boiling Earth Caern.

*     *     *     *     *

Marcus woke up around 4AM the next morning to the sound of an angry couple quarreling in the room next to him. From the sound of things it had already turned violent, but before he had made up his mind whether to intervene or let the human matter stay there, the parking lot was filled with the color of red and blue strobe. He considered the matter resolved, and went to start his morning ritual. No ritual by Gaian standards, but a ritual none-the-less that meant something to Marcus – to help get his head in the game for that day. (more…)

Awakening: Of Banes, Bindings and Bloodlust

September 20, 2011

Here is another interlude that takes place shortly a few minutes after my recent post about Guillermo, but this time following the stealthy Kinfolk ritualist and secret Fomor named Linda Lee. I rolled for the results of the rite and other actions performed here a couple of days ago before I began writing this post, and then incorporated the results of the dice into the narrative.

* * * * *

As the others rushed up the hill towards the Blight, Linda had some unfinished business to attend to. The Banes had assaulted them, and one had given her a wound. Revenge for this insult would not be furloughed or delayed as the Garou seemed content to allow for the moment. They were needed to confront still more Banes elsewhere on the mountain, she agreed, but she herself was not, and she wanted to make sure that there was no chance of further trouble from the defeated spirits. She made as if to follow her compatriots, but the moment Marcus looked away she slipped behind a tree near to where the others had fought the Blight Children and slipped across the Gauntlet. Searing pain riddled her body as she crossed the barrier between worlds, as it always did; the Gauntlet was exceedingly well named, and though she relished her ability to enter the Umbra, the transition itself was something that she always dreaded. (more…)

Awakening: Marcus Truman Bluebook I

September 16, 2011

The following is a bluebook that I received for Marcus on 9/2, between Boiling Earth I and Boiling Earth II. It is part one of a multi-part bit telling of Marcus’ travels towards the Caern of the Boiling Earth. Written by Mike L. and posted here with permission.


Hours stretched out behind Marcus. He had been driving for what felt like an eternity. After a drive of almost 600 miles, 10 hours cramped behind the wheel of his Chevy Avalanche, even the roomy interior of his quad-cab began to feel claustrophobic.

Marcus stuffed his legs up under the steering wheel to hold the vehicle steady while he removed his hands and rubbed his face vigorously. It was dark now, and his headlights stretched out before his truck casting light onto the dark expanse of asphalt before him. He was on some rural route just outside Redding now – he had left Seattle earlier today, after saying his goodbyes to those he was acquainted with back at Aeolus’ Shroud. He recalled the burning tension as he set out for his commute – and how it gradually abated as relaxing music drifted out of his speakers and distance behind him grew. Aeolus’ Shroud was no home to him anymore. He was like a shell there – just going through the motions. He needed this change. That damnable pocket-watch was just the trick, thank Gaia. (more…)

A Troubled Thought

March 30, 2011

Troubled Headline 2

At Pat’s suggestion, I redid that logo ever so slightly.

I think I may at some point soon put together something that Ryan suggested to me recently, and which had crossed my mind occasionally in the past as well though I’d never approached it with anything like seriousness in the past. I think that I just may make a webcomic (or more likely a multimedia narrative project incorporating both webcomic style graphic storytelling and text based updates as well as whatever else I get the urge to create for it). I think that I will call this project “Troubled,” (you know, like that logo-ish bit of text up there) for some reasons that are fairly obvious, and others that are a little bit more obscure. (more…)


March 29, 2011
Troubled headline1 by Uhlrik
Troubled headline, a photo by Uhlrik on Flickr.

This is for something that may or may not be coming down the pipe, out the chute and into your faces. Watch this space. Well, if you want to. If you liked the fiction bits I’ve posted lately. I won’t force you to. But I might just be sad if you don’t.