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May 4, 2012

I was thinking about Mage: the Ascension rotes, and my brain threw up a little with cross-pollinated ideas. If I ever run a Euthanatos with Forces 3, I’m going to be horribly tempted to have him shout “Yoga Fire!”
At least that’s better than what I’d be tempted to have an Akashic Brother say…


Stop looking at me that way. White Wolf DID make the Street Fighter RPG too.


Do People Still Fall For These?

July 29, 2010

Lately it seems like at least once a day I get a phishing e-mail claiming to be from Blizzard or NCSoft and stating that they think that my WoW or Aion account has been involved in inappropriate transactions and will be suspended unless I verify my account’s legitimacy by logging in to the account through the link that they so helpfully provided. Now, I’d know that these were pitiful phishing attempts even if I actually had WoW or Aion accounts… but I don’t. I dislike MMOs in general and find them tedious for the most part. So… yeah.

LoK Videos

December 12, 2009

This post is essentially a linkdump to a large number of videos from the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain video game series. It’s mostly in game event order, though with the time travel paradoxes and wacky chronology of the games, any attempt to put events in a strictily chronological order would be doomed to being horribly confused. Perhaps making it chronological from the perspective of a particular character like Kain or Raziel would make more sense. Anyhow, this is a group of the more significant events throughout the series and the entirety of the cutscenes from Defiance, the last game of the series. Probably needless to say, massive spoilers ahead.

These games were one of the many influences on the cosmology of the Legend of the Archons setting, and I’ve decided that the vampires of that setting will be something of a shout-out to this series in some ways.

Also, this series is one of those that managed to survive a change in genre – from top down quest with inventory and all that to a 3D action/puzzle adventure  series.


Extra Value Combo Alpha: Fight!

November 14, 2009

This is hopelessly geeky, but anybody that has ever read my blog would expect nothing less.

Behold, Lysol Jones’ concept for a bold fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Brothers:

Extra Value Combo Alpha

I discovered this DeviantArt gem during a wiki walk at TVTropes. Please get a look at the fullview in the gallery itself. It is glorious to behold. I’d play that game.

Here’s a list of the characters that are used above, with a little commentary from myself: (more…)

Weird Correspondences

October 30, 2009

There’s a recent hit song on the radio from the rather talented band Muse that has been kinda bothering me. Not because I don’t like it (I actually rather do) but because it has struck me from the very first time I heard it as reminiscent of something else…

Something that begins with the phrase, “It is the Nineties, and there is time for… Klax!”

Here’s the muse song’s video.

Now, the Klax music was from an 8-bit NES game rather than a modern, highly produced piece so of course it’s in a different league, but its vibe still feels quite related to me. Specifically the “Ledfut” song from the game. Maybe I’m crazy (or maybe there’s no maybe) but still, every time I hear that song I remember Klax and the maddening sound (from which the game got its name)  the horrible flippy little tiles made as they ramped down looking to make a distinctive “Hwaaah!” scream as they plummeted to their demise.

I played a lot of Klax in my time.

So here’s some of the Klax stuff too. And yeah, I can totally make the Klax hand gesture, even though I’ve never understood whether it has any other significance than just being a logo for the game.

The second one is the title song and ends with that horrible 8-bit scream. 😉 It isn’t the song that reminds me so much of Muse, but it’s still distinctive.