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Abilities in M20: Brawl Additions!

September 26, 2015

Okay, so anybody that read my previous M20 related post knows that my initial reaction to the division between Brawl and Martial Arts in M20 was extremely negative. During a discussion with Satyros Phil Brucato, the game’s developer, in the M20 Facebook group, this fact came up, and I’ll shortly get to why that fact is relevant to this post. I have great respect for his wide ranging talents, his creativity and his hard-charging work ethic, even if I don’t always agree with his output. To be honest, how could anybody ever really always agree with another creator’s or artist’s or writer’s output if they’re actually thinking for themselves? It’s just not going to happen. So long as folks can be polite about those creative differences, cool.

Anyhow, Satyros argued that I was giving this particular creative decision short shrift and that I ought to take a closer look at how he integrated a meaningful distinction between the two more fully into the combat system and also built it into the Focus rules. He pointed out that this distinction was not exactly new to the Storyteller System, having appeared previously in Kindred of the East and World of Darkness: Combat back during the 2nd edition era. To that last I maintain that I disliked the division back then too and don’t care for either of those prior books. I took those rules’ having been left out of the Revised editions of Vampire, Mage and Werewolf as a sign that White wolf had moved on from the concept also at least insofar as the Storyteller system was concerned. He suggested that I step back, blank my slate and ignore the negative associations I have with the prior sources and look over the combat and focus systems on their own merits with an open mind. This I have done over the course of the past month or more, mulling over the implications of the division within the rules themselves, on play and how I feel about said implications. A more serious and thoughtful dive into the book did change my views on a number of things from my first impressions (the value of Esoterica, for example), but I hardly found all points persuasive. (more…)


So The Votes Are In…

July 25, 2014

Okay, so the collective wisdom of the backing Wyrm fans has spoken. My vote didn’t win, not that I expected it to. Based on the campaigns (rather than necessarily the characters themselves), the results here were two out of three predictable, at least insofar as, for what it’s worth, I saw two of them coming a mile off. One of those predictable results, Ian Robertson the Money Magus, is a very interesting addition to the cWoD canon.

The result that surprised me was The Unrevealed. So this guy never revealed who his nominee was, and he never really campaigned other than a really generic last-minute post halfway through the voting period, after the bulk of the votes had already been cast, but he got the #3 spot. I’m not quite sure what this means, but my best guess is that folks voted for The Unrevealed mostly as a “meh. None of the above” reaction as much as anything else. Most of the nominees weren’t especially exciting, so I can completely understand that particular reaction. It may have been some other motivator that drove this success, but I’m not sure what.

I totally saw the #1 coming, but the main thing I take away from this candidate’s success is that I’m apparently completely out of touch with the criteria by which the plurality of voters made their selection for a candidate. All I cared about was, to quote my prior post, “their merits as a possible board member to be added to the World of Darkness’ canon”. Clearly the voters and I had very different interpretations of said merits, because had I ranked my personal preferences in order from most to least desirable, this candidate would have been in the next-to-last slot. I’m okay with having a difference of opinions with other gamers however, since differing opinions over minutiae can be described as the very soul of fandom.  I’m not going to shout “WrongBadFun!!1!” or whatever, but it’s also safe to say that candidate #1 is quite safe from existing or appearing in any game over which I am the Storyteller.

On the Pentex Board Nominees

July 16, 2014

Okay, most of you that would actually read my blog are already aware of the W20 Book of the Wyrm Kickstarter. One very interesting aspect of this kickstarter is the election to place three new members on the Pentex board of directors. There are some really interesting nominees, and some… whose existence I will cheerfully replace with preexisting canonical board members or new ones of my own devising should they win. I’ll break down my take on each nominee here, strictly based on their merits as a possible board member to be added to the World of Darkness’ canon, which the most important thing we’re doing with regards to these guys and what I’ve seen of their campaign thus far. None of this is a value judgment on the creator of said character, just what I think of having them appear in a Werewolf: the Apocalypse supplement as members of the Pentex Board. (more…)

Jumping Genres!

July 4, 2014

My last post was written mostly with humorous intent, but also was intended to get some thoughts churning. Protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, I wouldn’t derail an existing and relatively serious,steady game so wildly as to put something like the Deck of Many Genres into play. That would be a rather gross abuse of the social contract between GM and players, really.

I would, however, shift genres in a game as long as that made sense within the context of the game… and I would also run a game where the very premise revolves around shifting genres/layers of reality/alternate dimensions where the players move from one genre to the next and possibly back again. It might work best with a certain pre-determined number of predesigned genre/setting/layers where the players will run genre-shifted iterations of the same character/soul/self. I think that could be really, really fun.

Originally I was going to go back to the last post and edit it to that effect, but then after my friend Terry made a comment on his repost that was very much in line with my thinking, I decided this might be better suited if I post it by itself. I’ll share a few specific examples of times I’ve experimented with the genre-shifting concept already in games and found it a satisfying pursuit, point out a few narrative media where this technique or a variant has been used to good effect. I’ve never run a campaign where shifting realities and genres was a major part of the premise, though I have done individual adventures in a couple different systems that explored the concept either seriously or otherwise.

Deck of Many Genres

July 2, 2014

Mandatory Legal Disclaimer: side effects of bringing the magic item in this post into a game with a group that takes their games too seriously or that aren’t already expecting some serious weirdness may include rage quitting by players, blank stares, loose teeth, lost friendships or, in extreme cases, critical existence failure.

Recently while at my desk, an idea occurred to me for a magic item that might inspire far more dread in the hearts of players than even the infamous Deck of Many Things… as the title suggests, this is none other than The Deck of Many Genres. This is a magic item that is best reserved to particularly open-minded, experimental or creative play groups and GMs, and would clearly be much easier to use in a game like FATE, Wushu, Capes or Savage Worlds that can be retooled to new genres on the fly without hours of number-crunching misery. Alternately, a wily or enterprising GM might have stats generated for existing characters from your D20 or whatever game in FATE, Capes or something similarly fast and fluid that can be taken to hare off into crazy land with this thing as a side jaunt. (more…)

Alternate Kami Powers Advancement

October 22, 2011

Here is a tweak to the system by which Kami can advance and gain Powers or improve the Powers that they already possess. I will use these rules for my Awakening chronicle. Note that they have not been thoroughly playtested, and I may tweak the multipliers up a bit if I decide that this is a bit too cheap.

Normally, All Kami are required to pay for all but their first five points of Powers with Taints (and their first five points are covered by their one default Geasa). Unlike Gorgons, Fomori and Drones, they lack any other means to pay for their Powers because they do not have the Autonomy characteristic. This tends to leave Kami weaker in both the long and short run than Fomori or Gorgons, because taking large numbers of Taints is crippling. (more…)

Still More Expanded Powers: Charms I

September 15, 2011

Here are a few more Powers for Possessed characters that I feel were fairly glaring omissions, especially Cleanse the Blight. They are converted from Spirit Charms found in the Werewolf core book.

If the powers of Possessed characters are derived from the spirits that inhabit them, it seems awfully strange to me that a number of the really basic core Charms are not represented with some sort of related Power. Quite a few of the Charms in the books are represented in some manner, especially since there are hundreds upon hundreds of Spirit Gifts that possessed characters can take, but there are a few Charms that don’t really seem to have a good equivalent Spirit Gift. Anyhow, here I’m endeavoring to fix that a bit.  (more…)

Further Updated oWoD Grappling Rules

September 9, 2011


I’ve adjusted the usual rules for grappling in my oWoD games, since, as you know, the oWoD grappling rules leave a little something to be desired.

I first posted these house rules here: oWoD Grappling Rules! iä! iä! To do this, I made an exhaustive review of the grappling rules for WtA, VtM, MtA and the nWoD (which has a better system for grappling than oWoD does though it’s still hardly perfect) in order to construct this, and I like to think that the results will be a touch more useful and cover a few more of the possibilities. These rules are not presently set in stone, and are open to discussion and adjustment. However, at the time of that posting I had overlooked a couple of things somehow, and have attempted to address this here (for example, last time I screwed up the rules for reverses – also, I simplified things a bit by folding rend, slam and bite over into being permutations of the clinch maneuver rather than being separate maneuvers with separate rules). (more…)

Fomor Breed: The Toads

August 10, 2011

This post is a brief writeup of one of the Fomor breeds from the Book of the Wyrm that did not make it into Possessed: a Player’s Guide. A writeup for their distinctive signature power follows.


More than cannon fodder and less than master manipulators, Toads are the Wyrmish equivalent of middle management made good — well, bad. These ugly fomori squat at the center of their own little webs of intrigue, bullying the weaker ones in their care and obsequiously bowing and scraping to those more powerful than they. Although they aren’t much threat to a werewolf pack on a rampage, most have enough common sense to get in out of the rain, as it were. The thing that makes these guys threatening is the way they manage to avoid attention until just the right opportunity presents itself to strike — or, more typically, sic somebody else on the problem.

No one’s quite sure where the Toads came from. They started appearing in the mid-’80s, transferring into upper middle management positions at assorted Pentex subsidiaries. Within a few short years, Toads had a firm grip on many COO, warehouse management, accounting and personnel positions, and started refitting their corporate environments to their liking. Of course, with the relative success of many Pentex-owned operations it wasn’t long before headhunters and outplacement operations came sniffing around the Toads, offering to place them elsewhere….

Toads appear more-or-less human, at least on first glance. They are all male, all overweight (but not grossly so), and all dress the same (stained trench coats, ill-fitting suits and scuffed shoes). Furthermore, Toads are all bald, and have veritable constellations of warts adorning their heads and hands. (It can be assumed that the warts also cover the rest of a Toad’s anatomy, but there aren’t many brave enough to check.) Heavy-lidded, bulging eyes and thick, sausage-like fingers are also distinguishing features of the average Toad.

The thing that makes a Toad a Toad, is, unsurprisingly, his tongue. This appendage can extend a full 15 feet from his mouth at whipcrack speeds. Furthermore, the tongue ends in a viciously sharp barb quite capable of cutting through flesh, sheet rock and on one notable occasion, an airplane’s windshield. As a result of having this unusual appendage, Toads tend to mumble a little bit; most sound like they’re doing bad Brando impersonations. Apart from that one particular Power, most Toads have few other overt Powers, instead relying mostly on high attributes in Physical, Social (other than Appearance) and Mental Attributes. In other words, they’re gifted with the ability to be good at their jobs without having to rely on large numbers of obvious manifestations of supernatural power. In order to function among humanity, they tend to have few Taints, and those that they do have are of the less obvious or less debilitating types.

No Garou has conclusively identified the type of Bane that possesses a Toad.

Powers: (Required) Barbed Tongue ; (Suggested) Armored Hide, Enhanced Attribute (Strength, Stamina, Manipulation, Perception or Wits), Poison
Taints: (Suggested) Addiction, Derangement: Delusions of Grandeur

New Power:

Barbed Tongue (6) — This specific variant of Natural Weaponry specifically associated with the Toad breed of Fomori inflicts Strength + 3 aggravated damage and has a difficulty 7 to attack instead of 6. The tongue extends to a length of about 15 feet and then retracts automatically. Some particularly old and vicious Toads have the ability to inject neurotoxins with their tongues.

oWoD Grappling Rules! iä! iä!

August 8, 2011

Yeah, we all know that the oWoD grappling rules… make the baby Cthulhu giggle. So I’m trying to give them a little help. I made an exhaustive review of the grappling rules for WtA, VtM, MtA and the nWoD (which has a better system for grappling than oWoD does though it’s still hardly perfect) in order to construct this, and I like to think that the results will be a touch more useful and cover a few more of the possibilities. These rules are not presently set in stone, and are open to discussion and adjustment. I am using these rules in my current Werewolf Chronicle:  Awakening. (more…)