On the Pentex Board Nominees

Okay, most of you that would actually read my blog are already aware of the W20 Book of the Wyrm Kickstarter. One very interesting aspect of this kickstarter is the election to place three new members on the Pentex board of directors. There are some really interesting nominees, and some… whose existence I will cheerfully replace with preexisting canonical board members or new ones of my own devising should they win. I’ll break down my take on each nominee here, strictly based on their merits as a possible board member to be added to the World of Darkness’ canon, which the most important thing we’re doing with regards to these guys and what I’ve seen of their campaign thus far. None of this is a value judgment on the creator of said character, just what I think of having them appear in a Werewolf: the Apocalypse supplement as members of the Pentex Board.

  1. Mike Dragon’s-Wrath: Rank 6 BSD Ahroun, longtime company legbreaker. Very credible as a combat antagonist, but his argument for being picked basically amounted to he kills things for Pentex really well and he’s loyal, but made no reference to any kind of business acumen. That’s useful, but it makes an attack dog and a soldier, not a captain of industry. Also, we already have one rank 6 BSD ahroun out there in the WoD, and given the fact that there are probably less than 5 total Garou of Rank 6 on the planet, I don’t see any reason why we should vote to add another in this particular slot, particularly given that there’s already a BSD on the Board.
  2. Ian Robertson, The Money Magus: Syndicate Mage and homage to The Motley Fool, devious schemer and plotter who is unaware of how corrupt Pentex is. I like his blog, I like him and I almost placed my vote on his nose. In the end I’m not going to vote in an infiltrator, though I do expect he’ll get one of the three slots. His existence does create some potentially very interesting and very tangled plots to a possible game.
  3. Bentley Chisholm: Another Syndicate Mage, but this one’s a Special Projects division Wyrm-tainted Pentex company man. A much more appropriate Magely choice for the Board of Directors with a long history of service to the Company. This guy almost got my vote too.
  4. Darrien Terrell: Another longtime Pentex man but this one from a financial services agency, with an ambitious 4-point plan. Not bad but he somehow just doesn’t “grab” me personally – maybe he just comes off as a fairly generic Wyrmish businessman.
  5. David Kaufman: He’s the head of a “private military contractor” and security company called Blackwatch that’s one part Blackwater and one part the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He’s not bad, but I didn’t find his candidacy particularly exciting or inspiring.
  6. Jimmy Farrington (Zaphikel) – He’s a Faustian, from Demon: the Fallen, and he’s an information broker and security guy. That game’s cosmology and mythos really doesn’t play well with Werewolf: the Apocalypse (it’s even harder to reconcile it in than Mage, and Mage at least has canonical connections). I’m just not going to condone adding something from that game to the Board.
  7. Sir Frederick Appleton: A corrupt British industrialist and government man with a long and storied career of connections with Endron and the oil industry, and a fondness for charitable endeavors of… dubious intent. I like this guy, and he seems to actually be business and politics-savvy, and -score!- he’s actually human, as near as I’ve been able to tell. Got my vote, though I was a hair’s breadth from casting it for Bentley, who I passed over mostly just because he’s a Mage.
  8. There is no candidate # 8, sort of. It’s a long story I’m not going to go into, but I haven’t seen anything here that seemed credible as a Pentex Board member.

If I were to pick three of these, It would go 7, 3, 2 and have #s 2 and 3 engaged in a private war with one another. Alternately, to keep from having two Mages on there I’d go 7, 3, 4.


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