A Few Old NBish Bits

As a follow up to my last post, I thought that I would share a few old screenshots that I still had lying around somewhere from back in my old NB days or just following its demise. Most of the bits I’ll post here, I held on to for humor value, though a few I kept for more sentimental reasons. NB was a weird and wild place, and I enjoyed it… most of the time. Most but not all of the below are bits of out-of-character conversation. Due to the format of this blog, quite a few of these images are displayed at a smallish size. You should be able to right click on them and view their full size versions, however. None of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Below, the ever-awesome ST Keith shared with me something that a player (who was running a Demon: the Fallen character) had asked him via private message…


Apparently, Georgia’s got some, ah, interesting rules regarding their driver’s licenses:


Sometimes, a player would post in the wrong window, with embarrassing results:

ImageWe also learned some horrifying truths about the relationship between Caine and the guy that managed the White Wolf website back then…
 photo ConradisCaine.png
Then of course sometimes players had questions for the game developers…


The holidays were a special time in New Bremen:


There were also a great many very talented persons in residence:


I saw this absolute gem during actual play in the park one time, when somebody got into an altercation.


I might have done something the first time the guy shot me…

This guy below was one of my favorite players to deal with either OOCly or in character (his character was utterly vile, a complete jerk and still managed to be a lot of fun for non-vile folks to play with). To understand the second one, look to the right for what happened just after Jeremiah finished his post.



While we’re on the subject of ST name changing silliness, here is a bit more.



Sometimes, people realized too late just who it was that they had just been about to proposition.
 photo lol.png

Speaking of somebody recognizing me in a player skin rather than a ST one, here’s one from after NB’s end, taking place in an obscure and short-lived chat called Atra Nox that a couple of my old NB friends had put together and asked me to join up with, and which I finally did for like a couple of months before it folded. He teased me a bit about being nervous at seeing me around (you can see part of that exchange on the right) and then decided to go PM rather than out me to the others in the room. Polite of him.

self defense









Speaking of blowing up the planet, I’ll close this silly bit of nostalgia with a couple of screenshots from that particular incident, one from me and one from Ryan Stickel, who was head of the whole team. Forgive the typos. The system that generated chat broadcasts didn’t easily support proofreading.

balance 1













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