Mockery Breeds? Awesome, Wyrm20 Style

I hope that you’re already aware of the Book of the Wyrm W20 Kickstarter. Well, if you’re not, consider this your wake up call. Yes, I’m a backer. Come on. The Wyrm, with an updated treatment? You know I’m there. Very fortunately, this is not going to be just a retread of the first and second books of the Wyrm. Go on ahead and take a look; they’ve got a going-to-layout draft of most of the book’s text right there for free download on the kickstarter page, so you can get a look at what you’d be supporting. I haven’t had much time to go over that draft, but there are some very cool new concepts in there that have got me grinning. Here’s one of them, below. I take the text of this teaser from update #3 on the kickstarter.

Project Update #3: Preview: Yeren

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Hi folks, Rose here. Stew sent over one of the Mockery Breeds, with a few notes on how they came to be.

I love the sheer range of creatures that we could fit into the Book of the Wyrm 20. Holden came up with the idea of the Mockery Breeds, engineered creations that try to ape the Changing Breeds. (For those of you who’ve read ahead, the pun was indeed intended.)

The Yeren are one of those Mockery Breeds, that combine the best parts of human and ape into a greed-is-good corporate operator, Gordon Gekko turned up to eleven. Engineered to consider businesses and boardrooms their natural habitat, and with a natural urge to dominate and humiliate anyone who gets in their way, the Yeren are both perfect examples of what the Wyrm might create, and something I’d never have thought of in a million years.

Yeren are shapeshifters who take on the form of apes, designed to thrive in the modern city, and to hold an edge over the savage and primitive Garou. The Yeren’s instinctive domain is the halls of power. They’re naturally attracted to money and authority. Creatures of appetite and greed, the majority have nestled themselves into the upper-middle management of corporations, banks, and law firms, where they remain in sporadic contact with Pentex. A few Yeren have even begun climbing the corporate ranks of Pentex-owned companies, and most of those few have their eyes on a seat on the Board of Directors. They’re one of the major influences pushing Toads (see p. XX) out of their traditional niches, and they’re territorial to boot. Yeren bristle when they become aware of other supernaturals dipping their talons into a wereape’s self-proclaimed domain. This makes them natural rivals of the Glass Walkers, and they take a particular delight in using their mastery of political and financial influence to demolish, or re-zone Bone Gnawer septs. Of course, the wereapes’ rapacious greed and territorial instincts also bring them into conflict with vampires, urban Black Spiral hives, and other Wyrmspawn.

In the end, the Yeren want it all: all the money, all the power, all the respect; and they’ll happily backstab, undermine, and eat anyone who gets in their way. They may be the newest players on the battlefield of the Apocalypse, but they’ve already gone all-in. Let the Garou satisfy themselves with glorious, Pyrrhic final charges, and the Anurana with subsistence survival in toxic swamps, closers close, and winners win.


So that’s way, way cool. Whole new Changing Breeds, but creations of the Wyrm rather than Gaia? Please sir, can I have some more? The Yeren, for instance, are perfect for a good game of intrigue and influence and messing about with governments and corporations. Then of course we get more on the War Wolves, which of course are faux-Garou that we’ve seen before, but more details are always good to see (for a given value of ‘good’), and now we’ve got the Anurana swamp-stalkers (who are creepy, dangerous and at first glance seem absurd enough not to be a real threat…). So yeah, check the book out and back that bad boy to Luna. Speaking of, I’m gonna have to make up some new Mockery Breeds, ho yez….


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