A Passel of Collective Nouns

I find collective nouns fascinating, so I decided to compile a list of fun ones. Note that many of those below are of my own invention, and some I found in various sources on the interwebs. Some are pretty much legit, and others are me being, well, me. If you think you have a better one for one of these, hit me with it. There are several sites (such as this one and of course wictionary) where folks discuss these things endlessly.

On with the list!
a gaggle of gamers
a party of grognards
a guild of judges (related to the below)
a clatter of GMs
A crypt of keepers
a rage of nerds
a squad of geeks
a guild of neckbeards
a board of memetards
a conspiracy of theorists
a sameness of DJs
a poverty of artists (at least one source says it’s a colony, but I like mine better)
a pretension of poseurs
a crew of pirates
an absence of ninjas (note: this one’s highly controversial and there are many competing terms. I’ve seen “an apparently empty room full” posited, but while funny, I find that one objectionable for lack of convenient utility)
a team (or a legion) of super-heroes
a rumor of gossips
a horde of barbarians
a crew of hipsters (or an irony)
A forum of trolls
a clamor of twitards
a squee of otaku
a clowder of catgirls
a combat of shippers
an audience of fans
a convention of cosplayers
a yiffing of furries
an enterprise of trekkies
a collective of borg
a negging of PUAs
a band of robbers
a squad of feminazis
a march of activists
a parade of republicans
a herd of democrats
a rant of bloggers/podcasters
a prey of vegans
a desire of suitors
A flight of Elvii? (or Elvises, if you prefer)…
a congregation of hypocrites (same for worshipers. Hopefully they’re not equivalent…)
a companionship of mormons
a denunciation of atheists
an equivocation of politicians
a firm of lawyers
a congress of useless men

RPG things

I’m a longtime gamer, and this list above was partialy inspired by my mind running wild while thinking of the interesting collective nouns that get used for groups of various things in RPGs. Such as…

A party of adventurers
A coterie of Kindred
a pack of werewolves
a cabal of Mages
A circle of wraiths
a motley of Changelings
A coven of Verbenae
a society of Etherites
a covenant of Hermetics
a cult of Ecstatics
An amalgam of Technocrats


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