Another Look at The Fiend

Some while back I stumbled over Hero Machine, but I didn’t really take the time to do more than glance at it very briefly until last night, when I decided to try and put it through its paces and see if it was up to creating images of a rather challenging character: my own Brigitte Adelinde von Teufel, better known as The Fiend.

For those of you that might be new readers, Fraulein von Teufel is a gestalt being, created by thoroughly merging the mortal woman whose name this creature still bears with a demoness (specifically a Fury, a bringer of punishment and retribution), as a result of a botched summoning where the Nazi Occultist (Sigismund von Asch, the human Brigitte’s mentor) tried to sacrifice her to summon the Fury in question through her mortal shell. Neither the woman nor the demon exists anymore, in their place is a hybrid partaking of the abilities, knowledge and identity of both at once. She hasn’t aged a day since that event in 1938. As a character, one could think of her as being somewhere between Elsa Schneider, Illyana Rasputin and John Constantine. But enough jibber-jabber. Here are the results of my fevered experimentation. As always, click the images if you want to get a look at larger versions of these images.

Modern era Fiend

Here’s Brigitte in the modern days. She doesn’t look half bad for a centenarian!

Demonic Brigitte

Here’s a shot of her deep into one of her demonic transformations that happen with extended use of her powers. She’s gone further than this a few times, however… she can ultimately go so far as to look something like a shapely female balrog.

Demonic Brigitte 2

Here’s a slightly less advanced transformation that has also manifested fewer pieces of its Hell armor.

Stonehenge Brigitte

This less-demonic piece is presumably from her stint living in Great Britain during the late 1940s. She’s already summoned her Hellsword and some Hellfire and done enough sorcery to leave humanity pretty far behind here, though… so look out.

Nazi Brigitte

This is Hauptsturmfuhrer Brigitte von Teufel circa 1938-1943, back when she was still working for the RSHA. She was very, very bad news in those days. Then again, she still is. At least she’s lost interest in human politics and causes over the years since…


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One Response to “Another Look at The Fiend”

  1. Alesia Matson Says:

    Clearly I haven’t been back to Hero Machine in awhile. Very interesting lens for her!

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