When Pigs Fly

If I ever play an oWoD game where there is a Grondr character, I will have to insist that the character learns the Gift: Spirit of the Bird.

Just sayin’.


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6 Responses to “When Pigs Fly”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    I was wondering: where do you guys play your sessions in your Awakening chronicle?

    • casewerk Says:

      Right now we’re using a chatzy-based chatroom that’s linked to one of the pages on our chronicle’s wiki http://awakeningwod.pbworks.com/ .

      The navigation bar on the right has a link for “chat”. On that page are links to the chatzy room as well as an alternate that we’ve occasionally used, as well as to our home-brewed dice roller and an alternate for that too because one can never be too prepared.

      We do a lot of blue booking too, but use an assortment of techniques for that. Lately the blue books have been mostly google documents.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Is the chatroom the type to show people’s IPs, or is it a secure chat? I’ve been looking for a WoD chronicle and I haven’t had much luck finding one, especially one so open to Kami and Fomori. Where does one submit an app?

      • casewerk Says:

        It doesn’t show folks’ IPs.

        I don’t really have an application system since it’s a relatively small chronicle. If you’ve got a character concept, go ahead and run it by me.

        As for fomori, I don’t know that I’m going to be taking any more. we just wrapped the storyline where the group’s lone Fomor got subjected to the Mockery Curing Way, and now the pack’s Theurge actually knwos that rite… so any Fomori they find and aren’t forced to kill will probably just get cured.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I meant in general. You hardly EVER see resources, much alone STs, that take the Possessed as PCs. They’re either antagonists or restricted.

    Where would I send a character concept?

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