Return of the Expanded Powers & Taints

This is yet another in my rather extensive series of expanded powers & taints for possessed characters in Werewolf: the Apocalypse. This time, I have converted a number of the Kami powers found in the first edition Werewolf Storyteller’s Handbook. Now that this series has come to this point, I am also in process of compiling all of my expanded powers & taints to a single document, which I will make available at this blog. Watch this space. 🙂

  • Animal Kinship (3) – Kami may take this power. The Kami has the ability to influence animals, seeming to be their friend and leader, though not exerting direct control over them. Animals view the Kami as a friend and leader, and they will aid the Kami however possible within reason. The character rolls Charisma + animal Ken, difficulty 6 (with modifiers appropriate to the character’s relationship with the particular animal). Garou in Lupus form can be influenced as well, but may resist with a Willpower roll. This power does not summon animals, only influence those that are already in the character’s presence.
  • Child of Air (Earth, Fire or Water) (6) – Kami and Fomori may take this power. The character can summon and command elementals of one specific appropriate type, chosen at the time that this power is selected. The character spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Expression, difficulty 7. One elemental is summoned per success and the Kami can command a number of elementals equal to its Wits rating. It is rare for any character to be a child of more than one element, but there can be Kami that are children of combined or more esoteric elements: Children of Lava, Steam, Mud, Lightning and so on. Fomori can only be children of corrupted versions of the elements: Toxin, Sludge, Smog, Balefire and so on. Characters with this power will usually possess at least one other power relating to their chosen element.
  • Gaia’s Summons (6) – Kami may take this power. The Kami has the power to summon some powerful force of Gaia, be it a Wyldling, one of the Great Beasts, or possibly even a certain group (breed, tribe or sept) of Garou. Those who are summoned will act in the best interest of the Kami. In many respects, this power is similar to the Lupus gift: Song of the Great Beast. System: The character spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (Difficulty 9). The more successes are scored, the better the beast’s disposition towards the character upon arrival. A target that wishes to resist the summons may do so with a Willpower roll.
  •  Strange Senses (1 or 3) – Any possessed character may take this power. The character possesses senses that cannot be described or understood to humans. These senses allow the character to sense things that others cannot, such as emotions, invisible things, or the spiritual signature of Wraiths. Pick any one strange sense for the character to have. For 1 point, activating the sense requires expenditure of a point of Gnosis and a Perception + appropriate ability roll. For 3 points, the strange sense is always active.
  • Subtle Presence (1 to 5) – Any possessed character may take this power. The character is hard to keep up with and even harder to find.Those who casually observe the character forget that they saw it. Those actively looking for the character find the task difficult, time consuming and frustrating. This is equivalent to 1-5 points in the background: Arcane.
  • Wyldkin (6) – Kami may take this power. The Kami is almost as closely associated with the Wyld as it is with Gaia. This power is equivalent to Child of Air (see page 3), but is used to summon Wyldlings instead of elementals. Also, the Kami may take the powers: Chaos Engine and Break Reality as if it was a Gorgon.

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4 Responses to “Return of the Expanded Powers & Taints”

  1. .... Says:

    Are there any Gorgon or Drone powers you can also convert?

    • casewerk Says:

      I keep a chart that shows all gorgon, fomor, kami or drone power in any book that I’m aware of, including the Books of the Weaver and the Book of the Wyld, and also showing which powers from other sources are equivalent to them.

      Only two powers in either of those books (both from Book of the Wyld) aren’t already directly represented: Resilient (which doesn’t grant any extra soak dice but allows a Gorgon to soak aggravated damage at diff 6) and Charming, which is a bonus of +2 Charisma and +2 Manipulation and grants a rating of 4 Expression as well. No conversion necessary, just slapping a points cost on: For Resilient, I charge 1 Power, and for Charming I charge 6.

    • casewerk Says:

      It’s already done. 😀

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