Expanded Powers & Taints Strike Back: Charms II

Here’s the second in my series of taking existing Spirit Charms and turning them into Power for Possessed characters. This time I’m taking on a couple of the big, big Powers like Break Reality, Gateway and Warp Reality. I’ve added thsoe Spirit Charms from the Book of the Wyrm, 2nd edition and Umbra Revised that i felt were suitable for conversion, and I’m adding notes on using a couple more of the Charms found in the BotW2 but that may not really merit their own Power writeups.

• Break Reality (8) – Gorgons and certain very rare Fomori (those possessed by Dream Makers) may take this extremely rare, versatile and potent Power. This is essentially a much more potent version of Chaos Engine, removing two of the restrictions of that Power. First, changes made with Break Reality need not be small or subtle, for example the character could create a door in a wall, enabling them to pass through, though unless the character spends a point of Willpower to sustain them any significant changes to the environment will fade as soon as the character leaves the vicinity. Secondly, the character can maintain as many simultaneous changes to their immediate environment as they possess points of Willpower. With a successful Wits + Ability (whatever ability seems most relevant to the action in question) roll at a difficulty of the character’s Autonomy +2, the character can disrupt the reality of a substance, and thereby modify its form. The number of successes obtained determines how much change can be actually accomplished. A failure with this Power causes the spirit to lose a point of temporary Willpower. A botch on this roll is extremely harmful, and causes the character to lose a point of permanent Willpower. (What I’ll probably do with this one eventually is just append its cost and details to a modified writeup for Chaos Engine since it is really justan upgraded version.)

• Choke (5) – Fomori may take this power. By spending a Rage point, the character is capable of generating clouds of suffocating ash smoke or noxious gas. Anyone inhaling the cloud must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 8, or begin choking on it helplessly, unable to do more than roll on the ground or crawl from the area. The radius is initially 3 yards around the character, and the cloud will drift on the wind for three further turns before dissipating. Any creatures possessing Rage that are caught in the cloud for more than one turn must make a frenzy check.

• Create Wind (5) – Fomori, Gorgons or Kami may take this Power. The character must spend a Willpower point and a successful Stamina + Occult roll, the character can create wind effects. The difficulty varies – from 2 for a breeze to 10 for a tornado.

• Freeze (5) – Winter or ice aspected Fomori, Gorgons and Kami may take this Power. The character can lower the temperature drastically in the immediate area. The character spends a point of Rage, and cannot regain this point until after the current scene ends. Everyone in the area of effect to suffers the spirit’s current temporary Rage in dice of aggravated damage automatically. Using this Charm may have additional effects at the Storyteller’s discretion.

• Gateway (8) – Only those rare Fomori possessed by Wyrmhole Banes may take this Power. With this horrifying Power, the Fomor can pull Banes through the Gauntlet into the material world even if the Banes themselves  do not possess the Charm: Materialize or do not have sufficient Gnosis to penetrate the Gauntlet in the target area themselves. The Fomor rolls Gnosis at a difficulty of the local Gauntlet. A single success is sufficient to bring the targeted spirit into the material plane. At this point, the Bane is treated as if Materialized. The Fomor may spend a point of Gnosis in order to secure an automatic success. A botch in this roll raises the Gauntlet in the surrounding area by one as Weaver-spirits are alerted and reinforce it.

• Inferno (5) – Fire aspected Fomori, Gorgons and Kami may take this Power. The character can raise the temperature drastically in the immediate area. The character spends a point of Rage, and cannot regain this point until after the current scene ends. Everyone in the area of effect to suffers the spirit’s current temporary Rage in dice of aggravated damage automatically. Using this Charm may have additional effects at the Storyteller’s discretion.

• Sap Will (5) – Fomori may take this power. The character is capable of undermining a person’s resolve and determination. This power is usable across the Gauntlet. The character spends one Gnosis, and makes a resisted Gnosis roll versus the target’s Willpower; each success drains one temporary Willpower point. If the target is brought to zero Willpower, she becomes extremely suggestible, and will follow almost any suggestion just to find some direction in her life.

• Umbraquake (3) – All possessed types have access to this Power, which can only be used when inside the Umbra. The character can cause the Umbra to shake with such force that all those standing are thrown to the ground. The character spends a point of Rage and rolls Strength + Occult, the spiritual concussion inflicting one health level of bashing damage to everyone within the radius, rounded up.

• Warp Reality (10) – Only Fomori possessed by Nexus Crawlers, Dream Makers or similar Banes may take this Power. As a harbinger of raw entropy, the character may alter reality after a successful Willpower roll (difficulty 7). One success allows fairly minor alterations — it may create a hazy, blurry illusion, light a small fire, change an individual’s facial features, or drop the temperature in a small area.
With three successes, a Crawler can cause more drastic changes to the environments or specific targets. These changes include turning a stone floor into a viscous liquid, transforming any steel object into silver, changing a foe’s sweat into a corrosive acid, creating an illusion that affects any two senses or darkening an area completely. The Character may also hurl bolts of raw entropic energies that inflict three dice of aggravated damage. (Roll Wits + Occult to attack, and use normal ranged combat complications.)
If the Character gains five successes, it may cause truly spectacular effects. It can turn a person’s bones into swamp muck or rotten wood, change the air into carbon monoxide or mustard gas, remove a target’s entire face (and all sensory organs), or mismatch them in bizarre ways, create a full-sensory illusion or turn everything in a room-sized area into silver. Entropic bolts of this power level inflict six dice of aggravated damage.

Thoughts on more Charms from Book of the Wyrm, 2nd edition

Fomori possessed by the Banes found in the book of the Wyrm might have powers based on the Charms that their Banes have. Some examples that don’t call for a whole new Power entry follow:

Consume Essence: A character possessed by a Drattosi or other Bane with this Charm would probably use the existing Power: Spirit Rending for a rough equivalent. Perhaps we could add a stronger “tier” (8 points?) to Spirit Rending that allows it to be used against Garou and other non-spirit creatures with Gnosis like Consume Essence can be, and maybe yet a third tier (10?) allowing it to be applied along with an unarmed attack in the same manner as Consume Essence.

Illusory Desire: Here is another Drattosi specialty. Treat this as Succubus’ Veil, except that instead of entrancing the victims to be sexually attracted to the user, it creates an illusion of something else in the area to which the victim or victims are drawn. The mechanics are identical, except that the roll involved uses Manipulation + subterfuge instead of Appearance + Subterfuge. The point cost is the same.

I’ll probably go over Axis Mundi for the next installment in this series. I’m not sure if the series will really need any more entries once I’ve gone over that one, though I’ll do a skim-through as I keep working on my project of documenting all Charms from the Werewolf Books that might be relevant to Revised edition (IE excluding those from older editions that are superfluous or have been replaced with newer and cleaner versions).


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9 Responses to “Expanded Powers & Taints Strike Back: Charms II”

  1. .... Says:

    I’ve got a taint you might want to add or alter. I got the idea from Wraith: the Oblivion.

    Umbral Connection (3) – Available to Kami, Gorgons and Fomori. May be taken with the Fading flaw. You are closer to the spirit than you think; your character has an innate connection to the Umbra, the spirit having one foot in the other world for whatever reason. As such, you are repelled by rites, fetishes and wards that keep away spirits and ghosts, and while you cannot be bound into a fetish (though may become a living one with the Living Fetish power), certain rites, wards and fetishes may bind you somehow. You may be mystically forced to be a servant to someone, kept from getting out of a certain location, or be forced to return to someone whenever they call.

    What do you think?

    • .... Says:

      Oh, might also work with Drones. 🙂 And maybe a four-point version means you start with a point or two less of permanent Autonomy?

      • casewerk Says:

        The problem with Drones having it is that Drones can’t have Taints. You could make it a Flaw with the same cost and let Drones take that, though.

    • casewerk Says:

      I like it! Yoink!

      • .... Says:

        I definitely reccomend checking out Wraith’s flaws for anything that might work with the Possessed. Wraiths are just another type of spirit, after all. 😉

  2. casewerk Says:

    Yeah, I really like Wraith, though I haven’t looked at it in a while. I’ll pull out my wraith stuff and take a look.

  3. .... Says:

    Looking again at the Interwebs: http://www.deathquaker.org/gaming/meritsflaws.html#sflaw

    Bound, Cursed (unless you already have that? Can’t remember) and Otherworldy Taint just smack of Possessed taint-ness. The physical flaws at http://www.deathquaker.org/gaming/meritsflaws.html#phflaw have a bit more variety to them, perhaps, but I’ll let you comb through it. There was a severe lack of Taints in Possessed, and I hope you don’t mind if I give you more links to play with. I haven’t seen anywhere else where the Possessed are given this much detail.

    • casewerk Says:

      Thank you!

      Bound is very cool, sort of an Adversarial Background (for those familiar with the Mage: the Ascension Guide to the Traditions) version of Consecrated. Matter of fact, I’ll probably write it up in that format rather than as a Taint. Otherworldly Taint is already covered by Echoes, I think, but yes it’s cool. 🙂

      Cursed has definite potential also. I’ll look over the rest some more and do some pondering.

      • .... Says:

        I have way too much time on my hands. Apologies to your troupe if I keep giving you too many ideas. :p

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