Still More Expanded Powers: Charms I

Here are a few more Powers for Possessed characters that I feel were fairly glaring omissions, especially Cleanse the Blight. They are converted from Spirit Charms found in the Werewolf core book.

If the powers of Possessed characters are derived from the spirits that inhabit them, it seems awfully strange to me that a number of the really basic core Charms are not represented with some sort of related Power. Quite a few of the Charms in the books are represented in some manner, especially since there are hundreds upon hundreds of Spirit Gifts that possessed characters can take, but there are a few Charms that don’t really seem to have a good equivalent Spirit Gift. Anyhow, here I’m endeavoring to fix that a bit. 

  • Blighted Touch (3) – Fomori can take this Power. The spirit can deliver a blight unto a target. If the Fomor makes an unarmed attack (this effect can also be delivered with a conventional touch if the Fomor desires) successfully, the target’s player must make a Willpower roll immediately. If she fails, her negative characteristics dominate her personality for the next few hours. A botch on the Willpower roll causes the blight of personality to become permanent.
  • Calcify (6) – Only Drones may take  this Power, which allows the Drone to bind a target into the Pattern Web. This Power can only be employed in the Umbra. The player rolls the Drone’s Willpower against a difficulty of the target’s Rage. Targets without Rage use Willpower for a difficulty instead. Each success subtracts one dot from the victim’s Physical Attributes (or Essence in the case of spirits). When the target’s Essence or Attributes drop to zero, the victim is bound fast into the Pattern Web until freed. Werewolves can usually be freed from the Pattern Web by their packmates with a solid bit of effort. Spirits are more difficult to release, but Wyld energy should dissolve the Pattern Web.
  • Cleanse the Blight (1 or 2) – Kami and Gorgons may take this Power, and must also have Spirit Ties. This Power is similar to the Rite of Cleansing, in that it purges spiritual corruption in its vicinity. The character spends one point of Gnosis and must roll their Gnosis at a difficulty determined by the strength of the Blight. Most Kami have a limit to this Charm, such as only being able to cleanse woods for example – this version of the Power costs 1 point. For 2 points, the character can cleanse any type of Blight.
  •  Create Fires (4) – Fomori, Gorgons or Kami may take this Power. The character must spend a Willpower point and a successful Stamina + Occult roll, the character can create small fires. The difficulty varies (from 3 for small fires to 9 for conflagrations). The fires must have fuel in order to keep burning.
  • Flood (5) – Fomori, Gorgons and Kami may take this Power. The character can spend a point of Willpower and roll Wits + Occult to cause all the waters in a given area to rise rapidly, potentially causing flooding. The difficulty of the roll is dependent on just how much the character wants to raise the water level: from 2 for getting people’s feet a bit wet to 10 for a levee-breaking deluge. There must already be water in the character’s environment for this Power to work.
  • Incite Frenzy (3) – Fomori may take this Power. The Fomor can cause any mortal being with a Rage Trait (Changing Breeds or other Fomori, but not spirits) to enter frenzy. The Fomor must spend a Rage point and roll the Fomor’s Manipulation + Expression against a difficulty of the target’s Willpower. All normal frenzy rules apply. This is obviously a very dangerous power for a Fomor to use, since it provides the Fomor no protection against the resulting Frenzy (not that the Bane ).
  • Re-Form (6) – Any Possessed character can take this Power. The character must also possess the Powers: Step Sideways and Spirit Ties. This Power can only be used when the character is in the Umbra. The character may dissolve their form and transport themselves through the Umbra to another location that is well-known to them, such as a Glen that a Kami calls home. There is no maximum range, though the character cannot use this power to move from one Realm of the Umbra to another. It takes the character a full turn to try to re-form – multiple actions of any type are not possible in the same turn as the character is using Re-Form. The Player must pay one point of Gnosis and roll the character’s Wits + Occult (difficulty 8) successfully for this Charm to succeed.
  • Shatter Glass (2) – Gorgons and Kami may take this Power. The character can cause all glass in the vicinity to break by spending one Willpower and rolling Wits + Intimidation (difficulty 6). This charm may cause incidental damage as well.
  • Updraft (3) – Fomori, Gorgons and Kami may take this Power. The character can utilize powerful winds to lift a human-sized creature into the air, but doing so requires a point of Willpower and a successful Dexterity + Occult roll. The power can be maintained for up to a scene, but requires concentration – any other actions require splitting the character’s dice pool and another Dexterity + Occult roll each turn to prevent the effect from coming to an end.

Also, I’ll list a few existing Spirit Charms and discuss existing Powers that can be used to represent them. Some are painfully obvious, and some are from supplements and so players may not be aware that an equivalent Gift already exists.

Airt Sense – Spirit Gift: Airt Sense (Corax level 2 Gift, so a 3 point Power). Listed here only because the Corax are a bit on the obscure side.

Create Wind – This Charm is well represented with several existing Spirit Gifts such as Call the Breeze (Level 1 Wendigo Gift) , Cutting Winds (Level 2 Wendigo Gift) and so on.

Freeze – This Charm easily translates into Chill of the Early Frost, which is a wider-ranged but less potent effect. We could convert this Charm into a more direct equivalent Power as well, or just chalk it up to area-effect Hazardous Breath.

Umbraquake – For a massive earthquake, there is the level 6 Pumonca Gift: Earthquake. A more modest quake can be created with the level 3 Ahroun Gift: Shake the Earth from the Wild West Companion. Alternately, if you want, you could convert this Charm itself over directly and keep its Umbral restriction. Maybe I’ll do that next time.

Corruption – the level 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift: Dagger of the Mind is one good way to represent this Charm, though there are surely other ways to do it also.

Incite Frenzy – While I did set up a version of this Charm as a Power, another good option for this one would be the level 3 Black Spiral Dancer Gift: Foaming Fury.

Break Reality or Warp Reality – there aren’t really any Gifts that can mimic the sheer versatile force of these two extremely potent Charms. The nearest thing would be the comparatively minor changes associated with the Power: Chaos Engine. We could build a more powerful version of Chaos Engine that could accommodate something like this, but that will have to wait for another time.

I think that before much longer I’ll do a couple of the Charms that I left alone this time like Umbraquake, Create Wind, Freeze, Break Reality and Warp Reality, and/or handle some of the cool Charms found in various rules supplements. We’ll see where it goes, but I am happy to do requests.


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9 Responses to “Still More Expanded Powers: Charms I”

  1. Anonymous Reader Says:

    Excellent postings on additional possessed powers; I absolutely love the sourcebook. You should think about running a possessed-only game; for an idea, the SB hinted at Garou possibly being Kami once, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to play the game with Garou not as the werewolves we know, but as Kami with the Berserk, Spirit Ties-related powers and Shapeshifting, right? 🙂

    • casewerk Says:

      That’s very doable, and a fun idea. I love the Possessed book also, and that’s part of why I’m trying to give the possessed a little more love. I’m currently running a crossover chronicle where two of the player characters are possessed: one is a human-host Kami, and another is a Fomor. It, ah… makes sense in context.

      And yeah, I’ve thought of the Garou-as-Kami in the mythic past angle also. That could be a very interesting chronicle.

      • Anonymous Reader Says:

        In fact, it’s probably doable with all the changing breeds. Mokole have a high Symbiosis, for example, to kinda-sorta replicate the Mnesis background, and perhaps they gather information and pass it down with various psychic-related gifts (and numina, if using your custom powers).

  2. casewerk Says:

    Oh, absolutely. 🙂

    Watch this space, and there will soon be more to come.

  3. Anonymous Reader Says:

    Also, before I forget, I’m going to be using some of your expanded powers and taints here:

  4. casewerk Says:

    Awesomeness! You’re welcome to use any content that I generate here. 🙂

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