Fomor Breed: The Toads

This post is a brief writeup of one of the Fomor breeds from the Book of the Wyrm that did not make it into Possessed: a Player’s Guide. A writeup for their distinctive signature power follows.


More than cannon fodder and less than master manipulators, Toads are the Wyrmish equivalent of middle management made good — well, bad. These ugly fomori squat at the center of their own little webs of intrigue, bullying the weaker ones in their care and obsequiously bowing and scraping to those more powerful than they. Although they aren’t much threat to a werewolf pack on a rampage, most have enough common sense to get in out of the rain, as it were. The thing that makes these guys threatening is the way they manage to avoid attention until just the right opportunity presents itself to strike — or, more typically, sic somebody else on the problem.

No one’s quite sure where the Toads came from. They started appearing in the mid-’80s, transferring into upper middle management positions at assorted Pentex subsidiaries. Within a few short years, Toads had a firm grip on many COO, warehouse management, accounting and personnel positions, and started refitting their corporate environments to their liking. Of course, with the relative success of many Pentex-owned operations it wasn’t long before headhunters and outplacement operations came sniffing around the Toads, offering to place them elsewhere….

Toads appear more-or-less human, at least on first glance. They are all male, all overweight (but not grossly so), and all dress the same (stained trench coats, ill-fitting suits and scuffed shoes). Furthermore, Toads are all bald, and have veritable constellations of warts adorning their heads and hands. (It can be assumed that the warts also cover the rest of a Toad’s anatomy, but there aren’t many brave enough to check.) Heavy-lidded, bulging eyes and thick, sausage-like fingers are also distinguishing features of the average Toad.

The thing that makes a Toad a Toad, is, unsurprisingly, his tongue. This appendage can extend a full 15 feet from his mouth at whipcrack speeds. Furthermore, the tongue ends in a viciously sharp barb quite capable of cutting through flesh, sheet rock and on one notable occasion, an airplane’s windshield. As a result of having this unusual appendage, Toads tend to mumble a little bit; most sound like they’re doing bad Brando impersonations. Apart from that one particular Power, most Toads have few other overt Powers, instead relying mostly on high attributes in Physical, Social (other than Appearance) and Mental Attributes. In other words, they’re gifted with the ability to be good at their jobs without having to rely on large numbers of obvious manifestations of supernatural power. In order to function among humanity, they tend to have few Taints, and those that they do have are of the less obvious or less debilitating types.

No Garou has conclusively identified the type of Bane that possesses a Toad.

Powers: (Required) Barbed Tongue ; (Suggested) Armored Hide, Enhanced Attribute (Strength, Stamina, Manipulation, Perception or Wits), Poison
Taints: (Suggested) Addiction, Derangement: Delusions of Grandeur

New Power:

Barbed Tongue (6) — This specific variant of Natural Weaponry specifically associated with the Toad breed of Fomori inflicts Strength + 3 aggravated damage and has a difficulty 7 to attack instead of 6. The tongue extends to a length of about 15 feet and then retracts automatically. Some particularly old and vicious Toads have the ability to inject neurotoxins with their tongues.


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