New Fetish: Old Three-Teeth’s Bite

This is a new fetish that appears in my upcoming Awakening chronicle.

Old Three-Teeth’s Bite (Rank 4, Gnosis 7)

This Fetish is a break-action 12-gauge coach gun (double barreled shotgun) that has been around since it was first carried by the venerable but trigger happy Bone Gnawer Theurge Three-Teeth, who spent much of the Wild West period protecting stagecoaches ferrying Kin and other Garou from Mockeries and the terrors of the Storm Umbra. He bound a wily Hunter-Killer spirit into the weapon to provide him with companionship and counsel on the lonely road as well as to keep his aim true. When activated, this Fetish provides the following benefits: +1 Accuracy, +1 Damage die (note: this weapon inflicts lethal rather than aggravated damage) and the equivalent to 3 dots in the background: Ancestors. The spirit in the shotgun is much more aware than most fetishes and can communicate with its wielder and provide guidance much as Ancestor-spirits might, though it can’t help with any Ability that can’t be performed while one is holding a shotgun. The spirit inside the shotgun is cantankerous and difficult to get along with, however, and its years of protecting goods and travelers from outlaws, Mockeries and Indian raids have not been forgotten. It is an ornery cuss with a personality that has been compared to an elderly Yosemite Sam, and it will occasionally try to act on its own initiative – if the wielder is holding the shotgun when he witnesses an act of theft, or is involved in a dangerous or tense situation involving a Native American, then the player must roll the weapon’s Gnosis rating, difficulty 8. On a success, the weapon temporarily takes control of its wielder. This can be resisted by spending a Willpower point. The weapon has a Ban never to be dropped: any time that it is dropped rather than set down, it will fire itself (it can do this even if the weapon is empty) in more or less a random direction.

The shotgun passed through a variety of hands and its provenance is basically lost, but eventually Old Three-Teeth’s Bite ended up in the armory of the Overwatch Chantry, though the Mages of the place didn’t realize quite what the weapon was since it had fallen into Slumber with long disuse. Then one day a Silent Strider Ragabash picked up the grouchy old shotgun, however. He recognized the Garou glyphs carved into its stock and was able to Attune it, awakening its spirit again.


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