New Power: Verdant Gate

This is a modified version of the Silent Strider Gift: Gate of the Moon. The rewrite is by Alesia Matson, for my upcoming Werewolf chronicle. She’s cool like that.

Power: Verdant Gate (5)
Kami and Gorgons may take this power. This power only works with appropriately-sized plant mass at two points. The Possessed character can open a special type of gate through Gaia’s living vegetative realm, allowing instantaneous travel to her destination.

System: The Possessed character spends one Gnosis point for every 100 miles she wishes to travel, and she rolls Intelligence + Alertness (difficulty depends on the distance of the journey and the accuracy with which she knows her destination – up to 10 for a far journey to an unknown place). Success allows the Possessed to travel to that place instantly. She will be disoriented for a turn unless she scored at least three successes. A botch means that the character is hurled through space in a random direction, arriving far from her destination (or even high in the air). The Possessed may take others with her by spending one Gnosis point per person.


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