Expanded Powers &Taints: Wet & Wild Edition

As a follow up to my last post, here’s a bit more of what I’ve got for you with regards to expanded Powers & Taints for Possessed characters in the oWoD. Last time I gave point costs and some slight updates to the Fomor powers found in the ancient supplement Monkeywrench! Pentex. Today I’m giving the Fomor powers found in World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides the same treatment and sharing a couple more of my own creations (get BDT – it’s pretty nifty). In cases where there is an updated version of a power found in BDT that is not sufficiently distinct to allow separate entries, this will be noted and the version in Possessed will take precedence. Who loves ya, baby?

New Powers

  • Amphibious (2 or 5) – Any Possessed character can take this power. Most of the planet’s surface is covered with water. Sometimes it becomes necessary for an originally aquatic Fomor or Kami to foray onto the land, or a landbound creature to enter the seas. Any mammal or reptile possessed by a Bane can grow gills; similarly, possessed fish or mollusks can develop rudimentary lungs capable of sustaining them out of water. In some cases, this power doesn’t actually bestow gills or longs – the host’s already-existing breathing apparatus warps into a convoluted, fleshy mass of organs capable of drawing oxygen from air and water alike. Drones simply gain the additional ability without any readily discernible physical changes. For 2 points, a terrestrial character gains the ability to breathe water or an aquatic one gains the ability to breathe air. For 5 points, the character no longer needs to breathe at all. (Sources: this is a combination of Amphibious from BDT and Water Breathing from Freak Legion)
  • Angler Stalk (3) – Fomori and Gorgons may take this power. A stalk, tipped with a luminescent bulb, dangles from the character’s forehead, shoulder or other body part. The baleful light from this bulb is strangely hypnotic, both attracting  prey and providing light in the deepest darkness. Any creatures other than a Fomor, Gorgon or Chulorviah who views this light must make a Gnosis roll, difficulty 6, or a Willpower roll, difficulty 8. Failure means that the character is drawn irresistibly to the light, and can take no action other than pursuing it. The hypnotic spell lasts for a scene or until the victim is injured. (Source: BDT)
  • Cloud of Flies (2) – Fomori, gorgons and Kami may take this power, though it is most common among Fomori. The character is perpetually surrounded by a buzzing cloud of large, bloated flies or gnats, probably drawn by secretions of the character’s skin. The character is used to them, but anybody else within a couple of paces suffers a +2 difficulty on any actions as the flies buzz into ears, nose and mouth and otherwise make a nuisance of themselves. This includes melee or brawling combat.
  • Crab’s Armor (1) – Fomori and Gorgons may take this power. The character’s skin hardens into a crablike carapace. This shell provides two extra soak dice. This does not impede underwater movement, but movement on land is treated as if the character’s Dexterity were three dots lower. (source: BDT)
  • Cuttlefish Skin (1) – Treat this as Blending, in Possessed. (source: BDT)
  • Echolocation (3) – Any Possessed character can take this power. Like the sonar sense of cetaceans, this ability allows the character to detect the location and shape of objects in the water with much greater range than light and more detail than smell. The character can also navigate or fight in complete darkness without penalty or hit distant targets with long range attacks. In system terms, this power is equivalent to the Black Spiral Dancer gift: Ears of the Bat. (source: BDT)
  • Electrical Discharge (3) – Treat this as Electrical Field, in Possessed. (source: BDT)
  • Extra Heads (2 per head) – Fomori, Drones and Kami may take this power. This creature possesses more than one head, and the heads are capable of acting in concert. Having extra heads makes one harder to surprise (roll two extra dice on Alertness rolls per extra head). It also makes one harder to kill and can have other advantages such as multitasking. System: For each head, you may add two dice to your dice pool for performing certain multiple actions, such as biting with multiple heads or perhaps keeping track of a victim one is tailing while the other is watching to see if he himself is also being tailed. This bonus only applies to multiple actions that involve multiple heads, such as a hydra-like Fomor biting with several heads at once, not just having one bite while the rest watch. If extra heads are severed, their bonus is lost. Losing one of their heads will probably kill the character unless they are some sort of inorganic creature like an intelligent two-headed statue.
  • High Pressure Endurance (1) – Any Possessed character may take this power. While the original host body may have only been able to survive near the surface or on the ocean floor, this character can easily survive at any depth. Where mundane creatures might implode near the ocean floor or explode near the surface, this character is immune to the ravages of pressure, including ailments like the bends. (source: BDT)
  • Ink Jet (3) – Fomori and Gorgons may take this power.  The character can release a billowing gush of opaque, noxious and poisonous liquid. The poison causes three unsoakable Health Levels of Lethal damage, and also creates disorientation and confusion in the victim and those engulfed in the ink suffer the dizzying effects of the poison unless they roll three or more successes on a Stamina roll (difficulty 7); even vampires are not immune. However, supernatural defenses such as the Gift: Resist Toxin affect this power accordingly. The character may release an ink jet as often as she likes, but suffers one unsoakable level of Lethal damage for each use beyond the first in a given day. (source: BDT)
  • Intangibility (5) – Any Possessed character may have this power, but must also have Spirit Ties and Step Sideways. The character can deliberately step only partially through the Gauntlet, becoming intangible as the wind, blending away into a translucent figure incapable of affecting (or being affected by) the physical world yet still visible within it and fully aware of what is happening both there and in the Umbra. He may see and interact freely with Umbral creatures, but can move through material objects that do not have Umbral correspondences and is not subject to physical harm by conventional means. System: The character spends one Willpower point and rolls Gnosis against a difficulty of the local Gauntlet to become intangible and another to become material again. Unless the character’s possessions have been dedicated, they do not transfer over with him. While the character is intangible, he is immune to any attack that wouldn’t be able to damage an Umbral spirit. However, any and all spirits are completely visible and tangible to him, and he may engage in combat with them quite easily.
  • Lamprey Spit (3) – Fomori may purchase this power, which is the signature ability of the Bane Lamprey breed of aquatic Fomori. The fomor’s saliva is a powerful Narcotic, capable of knocking even a Garou unconscious. Whenever the character bites a victim, the victim’s player must make an immediate Stamina roll (difficulty 8). If the player fails to roll more successes than Health Levels received in damage, he falls unconscious. The sleep lasts for as long as the attacker remains attached or until the victim dies. (source: BDT)
  • Merit (varies) – Any possessed character can take this power. Virtually any Physical or supernatural Merit can be taken, at a cost equal to its normal freebie point cost. Storyteller’s discretion – a character may not take the same Merit twice by buying it as a power and also by using Freebie points. Some Storytellers may prefer to allow this power only at a point subsequent to character creation.
  • Natural Weaponry (Varies) – The character manifests natural weaponry in the form of claws, fangs, horns or just sharp bony protrusions. These weapons are not normally retractable; if the character spends one additional point on this power, he can retract it. Each form of weaponry costs 2 points per die of damage inflicted. For example, for a mutant to have fangs (+1 damage die) and bony spikes on each elbow (+1 damage die per elbow), it would cost 6 power points. The more additional dice of damage a given weapon inflicts, the more prominent it must be. Claws inflicting +1 damage die are certainly vicious and dangerous, but claws inflicting +3 damage dice would almost certainly take the form of a huge crab-like pincer or perhaps a sword-like blade in place of a hand. The damage inflicted is normally aggravated, but may inflict lethal damage for –1 point per weapon, or bashing for –1 point per die. One more point is taken off if the weapons render half or more of the character’s manipulative members unusable for normal tasks. Characters with a bite inflicting +3 or more damage may pay +1 point further to enable the character to use their huge distended maw to swallow whole anything up to half the character’s own size. This power can also reflect collections of body barbs that add damage to grappling attacks rather than other sorts of maneuvers. (This is an expanded and modified version of the preexisting power of the same name from Possessed, allowing for lethal or bashing damage and also incorporating the Power: Body Barbs from Freak Legion and Shark Mouth from BDT)
  • Numina (1/dot) – This character has been granted access to Numina (specifically, the equivalent to Hedge Magic or Psychic phenomena. Each dot of Paths the character possesses costs 1 Power point. For a thorough treatment of Numina, see Sorcerer: Revised.
  • Poisonous Flesh (2) – Fomori may purchase this power. The flesh of the Fomor becomes toxic to any who would ingest it. Anything biting the fomor suffers one unsoakable Health Level of Aggravated damage immediately. Actually swallowing the toxic flesh will continue to inflict one unsoakable aggravated wound every turn until the victim dies or the poison is expelled. As a side effect of this power, the Fomor’s skin color changes to a luminescent purple, green or take on some similar “warning coloration” (source: BDT. This is similar to but distinct from both Poisonous Tumors and Toxic Excretions, from Possessed and Freak Legion, respectively)
  • Powerful Legs (2) – The character’s legs or other motor apparatus are extremely powerful and probably obviously mutated. The character doubles her normal jumping distance.

New Taints

  • Extremely Thin (3) – This character has physically wasted away to skin and bones or is otherwise frail. Perhaps the character’s bones are just incredibly fragile or he is some sort of hemophiliac. System: The character has no Bruised health level. This Taint can be taken multiple times, removing an additional Health level each time. In such a case the health chart should be reworked to average out the loss of dice for each health level removed after the first.
  • Flaw (varies) – Any possessed character can take this Taint. Virtually any Physical or supernatural Flaw can be taken, at a value equal to its normal freebie point bonus. Storyteller’s discretion – a character may not take the same Flaw twice by buying it as a power and also for Freebie points. Some Storytellers may prefer to allow this Taint only at a point subsequent to character creation.

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2 Responses to “Expanded Powers &Taints: Wet & Wild Edition”

  1. .... Says:

    What are your house rules on the Disintegration flaw? Would you say that it also fits Kami, Gorgons and/or Drones as well as Fomori?

    • casewerk Says:

      I allow the Disintegration Taint as detailed in Freak Legion straight. Drones can’t take it because they can’t take any Taints at all but Fomori, Gorgons and Kami can. One need look no further for the Ratkin for an example of how self destructive the Wyld’s servants can be, so it fits Gorgons very nicely. Fomori are of course appropriate for it as their powers eat them alive, and even Kami might find that they are called upon to sacrifice of themselves in the defense of Gaia.

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