What Can You Do With a Dancer Ronin?

There’s a certain unmoderated WoD chat where I’ve been exploring a bit lately to see if it’s worth playing there fairly long-term. The quasi-tabletop style online Mage/Werewolf game I’m playing in already borrows their diceroller for our game. Chat play has a lot of disadvantages, but it can be fun to run in, play for an hour or two and split again on your own time rather than on a schedule.

Anyhow, there I’ve got two PCs: Number Three, from my recent post on Ghouls, and one miss Krissy Lee. That’s right, Linda’s daughter, though this is the Dancer Ronin version from a separate continuity. Krissy’s usually exceptional at evading trouble, but a big Shadowlord Ahroun caught her pretty much flat-footed. He’s got her mostly confined and is seeing if she can be properly cleansed and educated to be a useful member of Garou society. If he’s not satisfied with her progress or she can’t earn a place in a tribe, he intends to put her down since he’s not cool with there being a Wyrm-tainted  free agent Garou out there actively avoiding her proper place in the Apocalypse War. Anyhow, here are a couple little avatars of her, for no particular reason:

Krissy 1 Krissy prepared to be murdered

So it looks like it’s incumbent upon me to pick an eventual tribe for a spiritually and emotionally wounded little Genetic Irregular Theurge who’s got a couple dots in Spirit Heritage: Banes.

I guess I’ll go through the various tribes and muse a bit over her prospects with each. I’ll put little avatars on the apparent better/less absurd prospects, to illustrate what she might be like as a member of those tribes.

Fianna, Get of Fenris, Red Talons, Silver Fangs, Wendigo: Nope. No way. No how. No explanation necessary.

Black Furies: Well, she’s got no Y chromosome so there’s that.  However, Krissy is not an ideological creature and this is a highly ideological tribe. The Wyrmish connotations associated with her heritage wouldn’t sit well with the Wyld-obsessed Furies. However, she’s been a horribly abused girl most of her life, and I can see them seeing her as somebody that could have a strong sense of sympathy, receptive to learning how to soothe the pains, sorrows and psychological trauma of other battered women. Alternately, I can see the Furies trying to get her to mold her bitterness and fear into a deep, deep anger against the enemies of Gaia and a desire to pummel said enemies into a fine red paste in a fierce show of girl power. Also? Scary Black Fury Krissy is scary:
Krissy BF

Bone Gnawers: If there’s anything the ‘Gnawers ain’t, it’s picky about their membership. A fair number of them might barely even notice anything unusual about her corrupt wolf-forms. I don’t know.. her existence and personal issues are already depressing enough without her being eternally condemned to homelessness and squalor by joining the Tribe of Rat. I don’t see the hardscrabble Bone Gnawer lifestyle being psychologically healthy for her. As if the typical Bone Gnawer didn’t already catch enough crap just for existing, let’s make things even better by making it a child of Black Spiral Dancers. Yay? Well, here’s Bone Gnawer Krissy:
Krissy BG

Children of Gaia: This is the most likely and plausible prospect. They’ve even got a faction that actively tries to convert disaffected Black spiral Dancers that are willing to repent. The biggest problem here is they’re also one of my least favorite tribes. Meh. Anyhow, lookit CoG Krissy! Isn’t she purty?
Krissy CoG

Glass Walkers: They’re more inclusive than most tribes, and so they might give her a shot. They’re also widely regarded as Weaver-Tainted, and a girl who’s already likely to carry rumors of Wyrm Taint around with her could do without being tarred with that brush. She’s a city girl though, so she’d be fairly comfortable with the Walkers if they’d take her. They could definitely use a member that’s as good at Umbral shenanigans as Krissy is (she might be a Homid, but she’s got 5 Gnosis!). Plus, she could get a nice job and upgrade her bike:
Krissy GW

Shadow Lords: I don’t see this tribe as a place where she could easily thrive. Or as a tribe that would especially want her: she’s such a physically weak and personally unassuming critter, without the deep competitiveness that keeps the typical Lord going every day. Well, the Bringers of Light camp might find her useful as an infiltrator and crafter of Bane Talens, but her temperament isn’t very well suited to the Shadow Lords as a whole. The guy that caught her is a Lord himself, which might skew things a bit. Also, she’s got certain  correspondences with the Bat totem, and Bat might take pity on her and encourage Grandfather Thunder to accept the little lost wolf. We’ll see. If she somehow ended up in this tribe, I’d reckon she’d be some sort of intel gatherer working through networks of spirits. Here she is:
Krissy Shadowlord

Silent Striders: Somebody that has to explain their wolf-forms under pain of death to every Garou they meet isn’t going to last as a traveling messenger.

Stargazers: They’re just too rare and dispersed, and their interests are outside of North America where she lives. Ain’t happening.

Uktena: The biggest obstacle here is the fact that she’s a little Southern white trash girl. However, the Uktena are at least somewhat inclusive towards outcasts and downtrodden peoples, and it’d be hard not to see Krissy as downtrodden. They’re mysterious, insatiably curious, bitter and interested in the dark underside of the Umbra. Like Krissy. They interact with Banes. Like Krissy. Ethnic issues aside, I think this may well be  the most appropriate fit for her temperament, plus making her one of these will help make sure she’s never quite free of suspicion. She’d make a heck of a Bane Tender, what with the bonuses she gets for rolls involving nasty spirits.
Krissy Uktena


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4 Responses to “What Can You Do With a Dancer Ronin?”

  1. demondogweed Says:

    Children of Gaia seem to be the only tribe I can think would accept Dancer Ronin.

    Though, if she goes through erebus, she would just be a ronin. I wonder if Erebus would change her spirit heritage to something other than bane. But it should lessen the Wyrmishness of her forms a bit atleast.

    • casewerk Says:

      Well, on the plus side she’s never officially been an actual Black Spiral Dancer. She was born to the tribe but never went through the Rite of Transmogrification… that does cast a slightly different complexion on things. Many Genetic Irregulars like her don’t ever officially join the tribe…. which means that technically she’s just another lost cub. A Lost Cub who happens to have some Wyrm taint, a nasty Spirit Heritage and funky wolf forms. Plus, the Irregulars are often thoroughly intermixed with rural Bone Gnawers, which can have, er… certain results. Just like a Garou born of any other tribe that hasn’t been through a Rite of Passage has no tribe until they pass the Rite, so it is with Krissy.

      But yes, the Children are the best prospect for her by far. Hm… as for Erebus, I’d think that would theoretically make her suited to just about any tribe that didn’t have specifically exclusive membership requirements (Wendigo, Silver Fang, Red Talon)… but Erebus is a legandary and very hard-to-reach Realm that, as memory serves, most Garou aren’t even certain exists anymore. She’s certainly never even heard of it, so she’ll probably just have to make do the best she can without.

  2. demondogweed Says:

    I’ve used Erebus plenty, and I’d say it would be her best bet to get into any tribe with her breeding+bane heritage. Even Children would not see the heritage as anything but a bad thing. And as I don’t think rite of cleansing can change it to another, a proper spiritual cleansing is the only option.

    ( Though, deformities that one was born with don’t go anywhere,my personal rule. Got a red eyed lupus ronin running around XD)

    • casewerk Says:

      Yeah, it would be her best bet if she could find it. In this game though, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

      And as for Rite of Cleansing… while it is good enough to remove her Taint, yeah it wouldn’t do anything to Spirit Heritage or to her Ancestors background…

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