Four Splat Poll # 1

I’m currently finishing up the Kinfolk Four Splat post, and am pondering what to do next.

Lemme know what you’d like to see, and maybe I’ll take your choice. 🙂

Once I’ve done a few more OWoD Four Splat posts, I’ll expand it into other systems such as nWoD or further afield. I’m open to suggestions on those systems, though I’m not going to buy a new system just for a blog post containing sample characters… but I’ve got a lot of games, so there’s that.


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2 Responses to “Four Splat Poll # 1”

  1. EgoPoisoning Says:

    I voted Hunter, but now I’m curious as to whether the Possessed are different from Freak Legion Fomor.

    • casewerk Says:

      They’re actually quite a bit different. Possessed is an umbrella category that includes Fomori of course, but is the Revised Edition version (Freak Legion was 2E) and they’re a bit more mechanically sophisticated… and a little bit more powerful too because they have an additional stat: autonomy. autonomy can be used to pay for Powers in the same way that Taints can, which means that most Fomori can afford a few more and stronger powers in Revised edition… but Autonomy’s a double edged sword as well, because as this stat goes down it has a variety of deleterious effects on the character.

      The “Possessed” category also includes Drones (humans ‘Clarified’ by Weaver spirits), Gorgons (animals or plants possessed by Wyld spirits… or beings whose bodies were created spontaneously from existing inanimate materials for a Wyld spirit to inhabit) and Kami (who could be called ‘Gaia’s Fomori’ – they’re humans, animals, plants, inanimate objects or even geographic features whose own spirits have been awakened to function in a manner similar to fomori but much more harmonious… some Kami are in effect semi-permanently materialized spirits instead).

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