Three’s Company

    Come and knock on our door…..
    We’ve been waiting for you……
    Where the kisses are hers and hers and his,
    Three’s company too.

    Come and dance on on our floor……
    Take a step that is new…..
    We’ve a loveable space that needs your face,
    Three’s company too.

    You’ll see that life is a frolic and laughter is calling for you……
    Down at our rendez-vous,
    Three’s company, too!

In this context, those chipper old lyrics are… actually somewhat distressing. I’m talking about the context of a passel of ghouls, Cainites and monstrosities designed to go along with Number Three, from my most recent Four Splat post. If Three ever actually appears in a game, I’d have at least some  of these folks show up too. Yes, the one whose “chibi monster” avatars are right below:

Szlachta #3Three wearing even less

A space that needs your face, indeed. Brrr.

Anyhow, because I’m a goober I made avatars for Three’s master and some of his other minions.

First, Dr. Pestes!

Dr. Pestes

This pleasant and humanitarian individual is a hoary, wealthy old 6th-generation Tzimisce who likes to surround himself with lots of emotionally and physically twisted sycophantic minions. Oh, and that plague doctor face thing he’s got going on? Not a mask. Whee! To his left is his principle lab assistant, a ghoul named Sandy whose face has been mostly smoothed out of existence. She’s probably his most important ghoul, since he spends most of his time in his lab doing that thing he does. He’s got an expansive compound with enclosed gardens and grounds, and he houses several of his Childer on site as well. These Childer manage those affairs that require actual thought or skill, and they also help him keep up with his numerous Ghouls’ vitae consumption needs.

Meet Tasha.


Tasha is one of the Doctor’s childer. She appears to be in something of a bitey mood. Watch out for Tasha.

Now for Numbers One, Two, Four, Five and Six.


They are the Doctor’s other Szlachta. It’s pretty clear what they’ve got going on. On the plus side, they’re just as expendable as Three is. On the downside, most of them have been ghouls longer than she has.

I haven’t decided whether this next one was the Number Three whose demise created the job opening that the new Number Three has filled, or if he’s somebody else entirely. Anyhow, he’s another Szlachta type. Maybe he belongs to a rival Tzimisce or something.

Some random Szlachta

Okay, following are a bunch of menial servant-ghouls. The Doctor probably has a number of these on hand to drag victims around for him, clean up his lab, feed the corpses to his other ghouls, prepare hospitality for his guests, snicker at when one of his Szlachta flips out and starts beating on them etc. any of the below may or may not be part of the household… I made them because they’re fun to make.

Some random ghoulSome random ghoulButler GhoulPitiful GhoulGhoul AttendantShovel Ghoul

The second one’s got a handy dandy many-branched rack suitable for hanging tools, coats, hats and such built into his back. How convenient for the master! I imagine that the third one’s the butler. As for the others… it’s probably best not knowing.

Also, I’ve made several avatars of Nancy Harding, the promising young interdisciplinary art student who eventually became Three.

Nancy Harding 1Nancy Harding 2Nancy Harding 3Nancy Harding 4Nancy Harding 5Nancy Harding 6

From Top Left: her with one of her hanging sculptures, then her with a carved gargoyle (her domitor would find it funny if he knew she had carved that… he remembers fighting the real ones), then painting a landscape, and welding a retro-style robot sculpture, out clubbing with a friend… and lastly, the transitional stage between the club picture and her current condition.

Oh, and lastly, I tried to make a Vozhd.  Wasn’t easy.

VozhdHim’s gonna eat the widdle people. Such a good boy.


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