More Thoughts On Redeeming Banes and Fomori

While I’m on the rather “out there” subject of creating Kami and redeeming Fomori, I figure I might as well post a few more thoughts about the technique I thought of for turning Fomori into Kami, and a new Rite that “repairs” Banes and restores them to their Gaia-given function.

While the technique I worked for Garou to do it is based on the Rank 5 Gift: the Malleable Spirit. Now, using that Gift to turn a Bane into a Gaian spirit is difficulty 10, which is exceedingly wince-inducing unless you’ve got some Mages on hand to help or some other tricks for lowering the difficulty and/or buying additional dice for the roll, especially in light of the Bane’s defensive Gnosis roll only having a difficulty of the Theurge’s Gnosis.

The character going after the Bane might be well advised to hit it with the Gift twice in succession: first to lower the Bane’s Gnosis as much as possible by moving points from that Trait to either Willpower or Rage (preferably Rage, for reasons that will be explained shortly), and only after the Bane’s Gnosis is weakened, then hitting it with the more difficult change.

It might be even better, though, to batter the Bane fully into quiescence first through use of the newly-discovered (as of the Revised edition Uktena Tribebook) Uktena Rite: the Mockery Curing Way. This level 5 Rite is a risky yet completely doable means of curing a Fomor yet leaving the host alive. Interestingly, the rite itself does not necessarily eject the Bane, it merely renders it inertly Slumbering and loosened enough from the host that an Umbral Garou can simply peel it free by hand and destroy the defenseless and insensible spirit, leaving the host relatively unharmed. This of course assumes that the Rite has gone well: if it goes badly, the host will suffer crippling or fatal Aggravated damage. The difficulty of the roll on the rite is the Bane’s Willpower (which is why that Trait should not be raised via The Malleable Spirit if the Gift’s first shot is used prior to the Rite… if it isn’t used until afterward, then all bets are off).

Once the Bane has been mystically battered into a spiritual coma, then the Garou are free to do with it as they see fit. Usually, they will simply destroy it and set about cleansing themselves and the host of the massive residual Taint on the area. However, an enterprising Theurge possessed of The Malleable Spirit might choose this as the time for transforming the defenseless Bane. Once that has been turned into a Gaian spirit, simply feed it some Gnosis and allow it to awaken… still inside the host since it hasn’t actually been pulled out. Congratulations, you made a Kami.

Perhaps better and more flavorful would be another new Rite (I’m sure that you saw this one coming) specifically built to cleanse Banes. I think this is actually more appropriate. Cleansing is a Rite rather than a Gift, and redemption seems more dramatic as a ritualistic process rather than a metaphorical Peter Popoff-style smack to the forehead. So here goes:

The Rite of Healing the Corrupted Spirit (level 5 Mystic Rite)

This extremely powerful and potentially dangerous Rite is actually capable of curing Banes of their Wyrm Taint, restoring them to their proper place as spirits of Gaia (or the Weaver or Wyld as appropriate). It is effectively a much more potent and involved cousin to the Rite of Cleansing, and its performance is similar in many particulars, including being most effective when the climax of the rite is performed at the rising of the sun.
System: For this rite to be performed on a Bane, the Bane must first be reduced to zero Essence; a Bane that is in Slumber but whose Essence is presently greater than Zero will immediately awaken and attack the ritemaster. The exception is Banes that are bound within Fetishes or Talens (see below). The ritemaster spends a Gnosis point; the player rolls Wits+Rituals (difficulty is the Bane’s Willpower, but the difficulty is reduced by one if the Rite is performed at dawn) , adding one die for every additional Gnosis point spent (other participants may contribute). This is an extended roll, with each roll taking an hour of time. Each success lowers the Bane’s Gnosis by one for the duration of this ritual only, and when it is reduced to zero, the Slumbering Bane is transformed into a non-Wyrmish spirit whose nature is in some way related to the Bane’s prior nature. For example, Blight Children become Glade Children, corrupted Pattern Spiders are restored to their prior functionality as Weaver spirits, Scrags become Rage Spirits, a Nexus Crawler might become a Vortex and so on.

If the Bane is bound inside a Fetish, then it can still be targeted but the process is more difficult since the Bane is fully aware of what is going on. The same system is used, but initially successes are used to strip away points of the Bane’s Essence instead of its Gnosis; once its Essence is reduced to zero it can fall into Slumber and the Rite proceeds as normal. A botch frees the Bane from the Fetish – it will either immediately flee or attack, depending on its nature and the circumstances. Botching a roll against a Bane that is merely Slumbering rather than inside a Fetish will terminate the Rite, awaken the Bane and give it a shot at possessing the ritemaster. At the Storyteller’s discretion, Wyrm Fetishes whose bound Banes are redeemed may have their functionality modified to suit their inhabitant’s changed nature.

Banes possessing Fomori can be targeted with this Rite as well, but the Bane must first be driven deep into Slumber, and their greater ability to act directly than Banes bound in Fetishes will usually require it to be subjected to the Uktena Rite: Mockery Curing Way before it can be redeemed. A Fomor containing a redeemed Bane effectively becomes a Kami and its statistics should be modified accordingly. If the Mockery Curing Way has taken place then host and spirit can then elect to either remain bound together or to separate in peace. In such cases, the spirit is very likely to wish to remain merged with the host in order to help heal the host’s trauma from its prior abuse. The new Kami will fall into a dormant state as described in the Rite of Awakening Gaia’s Power. Successfully performing this Rite will earn the ritemaster 1 Honor and 2 Wisdom Renown, and 1 Honor for any other participants, above and beyond any other Renown involved in the other actions required to carry out the Rite.


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