The Joys Of Online RP Politics

I was talking with an old friend from back in the NB days last night, who has stayed on in the world of chat-based RP that I mostly turned my back on ages ago for PbP and the like. He was one of my assistants when I was the Werewolf head in New Bremen.

I’d asked him a question about something that kickstarted a whole “old days” conversation, and he brought up a guy that used to be a bit of a problem both in-character and out back in NB, and with whom I used to butt heads a fair amount. Once I became Werewolf head rather than just a ST, this person had gone out of his way to transparently kiss my backside and try to curry my favor. Heck, if I remember correctly at one time he applied to be one of my assistants (but I might well not remember correctly).Had I been “out to get” the guy, I would have had a lot of opportunities to act on it. Occasionally I smacked his character down (or took the player to task) in various ways, though only when he was actually bringing it on himself with one form of misbehavior or another. I was perfectly willing to be civil with him, and somewhat enjoyed the banter back and forth that we had going on.

Eventually, his character met his death in a major scene I was running, along with many others – it was the Time of Judgment. People died a lot at that point. I thought that scene was a pretty good send-off and it let his guy be gallant and cool.

Anyhow, once NB came to an end, he didn’t stop fawning over me for quite some time, and asking me to join his personal group (pack or whatever) in various other online venues. I refused each time because I was burned out, though I thanked him for his offers. He sure tried to make me think he liked me.

We haven’t spoken in years now, and I had forgotten his name until my friend brought it up again. Anyhow, my friend told me last night that a while back that fellow had made a point of telling him at some length that he thought I am, in his words, “a corrupt bastard.”

So why’d he keep trying to get me to play with him after I no longer had ST power anyplace? Maybe he assumed that I would remain prominent in the OOC social scene, the “halls of power” if you will, in the other venues to follow because I had been a big shot in NB. Maybe it was for some sort of bragging rights. Dunno. I deliberately walked away from all of that stuff the moment NB was over. I have always had a serious distaste for the OOC politics, backbiting and manipulation that swirl around those large multiplayer online roleplaying communities.

I wonder what the guy’s grounds for calling me corrupt were. Maybe he felt I persecuted him. Eh. In any case, it’s just another symptom of how the social dynamic in those places goes. There’s so much fakeness, as people kiss the backside of somebody that they dislike, or change their mind about somebody that they had once gotten along with once the person’s no longer in a position to either bless or smite them. Which it was in this case (if it was not more than one) doesn’t even really matter.

Then my friend told me that the fellow that badmouthed me behind my back for supposed corruption was at the time of their discussion head WtA ST in a fairly prominent chat… but then got the boot for taking inappropriate liberties with his powers as a ST. In other words, for being a corrupt bastard. Huh.

Whenever I get a hankering to go back to one of those places, I remember all of the reasons why I so seldom get that hankering. This conversation was a big reminder.


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