It’s Like Ginger Ale and Black Licorice

Two great tastes that taste sharp and odd together, but great if you’re into that sort of thing.

What am I talking about? Strange musings and realizations about crossover involving a Fomor and Mages.

Patrick was asking me what, if anything, Umbra (a somewhat confusingly-named Son of Ether who specializes in the Mind sphere) could do to the Bane living in Linda’s head or at least to help her mitigate its effects on her mind and personality.

Since he’s got no dots in Spirit, the answer’s… not much. Get him a dot in spirit to go with his 3 Mind, and now he might be able to bolster her ability to pass Autonomy rolls and things like that, however. He’d need 4 Spirit to exorcise the Bane, and Spirit + mind together could definitely influence its goals and emotions, plant suggestions etc.

Then I reviewed what spirit 5 can do. Now, nobody in this Mage group is gonna have 5 dots in spirit any time remotely soon. Probably ever. Check this out:

“The most advanced understanding of Spirit allows the mage to shape ephemera as he desires. The mage can alter, destroy or create spirit material, force it to obey his whims or gift it with new powers. He can sense and affect the spirits of living beings and the dead alike, and journey to the farthest reaches of the spirit worlds, defended by his own mastery.

A simple spell enables the Master to heal spirits and restore their Power, which is a potent way to garner spirit allies. The mage can also reshape spirits as he desires, although particularly powerful spirits can take a long time to change, and most spirits will object to such treatment.”

So a Master of Spirit could outright re-write a spirit into an entirely different type of spirit, though making it relatively similar to what it was before would surely be a lot easier and almost certainly friendlier to most paradigms. So… a Master of Spirit could theoretically take a Bane and turn it into a Gaian spirit. So… theoretically, if a Master of Spirit did that to a Bane living inside a Fomor without kicking the Bane out first, then the result could theoretically be turning a Fomor into a Kami. That’s pretty wild and wacky, in a fairly cool way, although it’s be a pretty serious mind rape for the fomor involved, since their personality would be forcibly reshuffled along with the Bane’s. Can you say “Care Bear Stare“?

After I saw that, I remembered a Rank 5 Theurge gift that can do something similar: The Malleable Spirit (shuffling a spirit’s stats is difficulty 6, disposition is 8 and type is 10). Well, not similar. It can do the exact same thing. Now, turning a Bane to a nature spirit or an elemental would be Difficulty 10, but it would be totally doable. The hard part here is that it would be an opposed Gnosis roll, and the Bane’s difficulty is the Theurge’s Gnosis score while the Theurge’s would be 10. The odds wouldn’t be so hot… unless you’ve got some tricks like Bone Rhythms and a Unicorn totem (since it could be argued that this is a healing) to add another four dice to your action and other things that lower difficulties (Maybe a sympathetic Mage using Spirit magic to lower your difficulties or raise the Bane’s difficulty…).

Okay, if that were to somehow happen, how to handle the mechanics of the change? It would be fairly easy, actually. Well, first of all we’d have to strike Autonomy off the Fomor’s sheet since Kami don’t use that trait (they’re not a violation of identity but a harmonious union). Any Powers that were paid for with Autonomy have to be paid for with new Taints instead. Some powers cost different amounts for Kami versus Fomori (For instance Regeneration costs Fomori 7 Power while it costs Kami only 5.) Any powers that are inappropriate for Kami would have to be either purged or replaced, and likewise for Taints. some Backgrounds might have to change too… you can’t really have a Kami that’s Consecrated to a Nexus Crawler, after all. Oh, and you’d have to give the new Kami at least one Geasa. That’s pretty much it.

It’ll never happen. but it could. So bizarre, yet intriguing.


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