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Why do I love making these ridiculous little Gaia Online avatars so much, even though I have never played Gaia Online or visited their forums and have no interest in doing so? The world may never know.

Anyhow, this one’s a mixed Overwatch Project/Troubled collection.

Oh, and speaking of Overwatch… much to my surprise, when I spoke with that game’s ST about my plans for Troubled and how I was intending to use modified and renamed Captain Ersatzes of some of his NPCs out of respect for his game and creations, he told me that he’s perfectly cool with me just using the original versions. He asked me a little about how I planned to use a couple of particular ones, and called it good. There are only a couple of the players I haven’t spoken with about this yet, but much to my surprise everybody’s been cool with my project thus far.

Now, a number of NPCs and such will be changed anyways, because that’s just how things are going to be. I’ll keep any authorized PC as is, and several of the more central NPCs as well, but anybody else is fair game.

Yeah, back to the goofy virtual paper dolls, some of which I have ‘shopped a little. The links go to the avatar that I ‘shopped into the form you’re seeing here.

I’ll start with some Lindas. I’m sure you’re astonished.

Linda the woman in whiteLinda in a little black dressLinda bound and in a cleansing circle

L to R: Linda looking almost innocent, Linda in a little black dress, Linda done up in bondage gear and blood-runes to prepare herself for the Rite of Cleansing (with a certain black wolf behind her).

Linda in mutation stage 2. ‘Shopped. A genuine kawaiiko, is my Linda.[/Sarcasm Mode]

Steve Steve.

Ranjiv Prof. Ranjiv Shah, Son of Ether and full-fledged Mad Scientist.

Prof. Warner Professor Chris Warner, CoG Kinfolk scholar. Far out, man.

SargeBaleflamer GuyTentacle GuyLoonybin, completely insane BSD Metis Philodox
Above we have some of the members of Pentex First Team #35, which is Black Diamond’s squad. The green wolf is “Loonybin”, a particularly deranged Metis BSD Philodox…

Below we have The Wings of Night, a BSD pack devoted to Bat…
Rakath Rakath, Metis Philodox, pack alpha.
Zhortch Zhortch, Lupus Theurge
Soulless Soulless, albino Metis Galliard
Nik’truz Nik’truz, Ragabash and former Bone Gnawer

Some GW GalliardSome BG PhilodoxSome GoF RagabashSome SL TheurgeSome BG AhrounSome CoG Theurge
Assorted urrah Garou: GW Galliard, BG Philodox, GoF Ragabash/Rotagar, SL Theurge, BG Ahroun, CoG Theurge

A shy NephandusA girly NephandusA very theatrical NephandusNephandusNephandus 2 - Umbral torturerNephandus - Creepy sacrifice guyNephandus - Eyeless Grimoire GirlNephandus - disheveled Malfean
An assortment of Nephandi for your delectation

Euthanatos 1Euthanatos 2 - SniperEuthanatos 3 - Death cultistEuthanatos 3 - Funeral Director
Various Euthanatoi

Some truckerMotorcycle DudeBikerTweakerformer athleteHookah girlThe fundieThe auto mechanicCholo 1cholo 2Local politicianLocal businessmanlocal skankbartenderHiker

Random people that might be found out near Overwatch: a trucker, a midlife crisis-suffering motorcyclist, a biker, a Raiders fan tweaker, a former athlete, a bong maker glass blower, a fundie, an auto mechanic, a dealer, a cholo, a local politician, a local businessman, a skank, a bartender and a hiker. Pop quiz: what do most of the people above have in common other than white shirts and at least an occasional presence in the vicinity of Baker, CA?


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