A Troubled Thought

Troubled Headline 2

At Pat’s suggestion, I redid that logo ever so slightly.

I think I may at some point soon put together something that Ryan suggested to me recently, and which had crossed my mind occasionally in the past as well though I’d never approached it with anything like seriousness in the past. I think that I just may make a webcomic (or more likely a multimedia narrative project incorporating both webcomic style graphic storytelling and text based updates as well as whatever else I get the urge to create for it). I think that I will call this project “Troubled,” (you know, like that logo-ish bit of text up there) for some reasons that are fairly obvious, and others that are a little bit more obscure.

The starting point for this story is Linda Lee, a character that I created, oh, back in Y2K. She’s currently an RPG character, and her experiences in the couple of different games I’ve played her in will inform what happens in this story but I won’t slavishly follow the actual in-game events either, and it will have its own storylines and foci. This is a different narrative medium anyhow, and the story and the nature of the medium itself will often demand divergence. Plus, this is my story and I can do what I want with it anyhow. 😉

One of the major differences would be that many of the characters involved (namely those that were created by anybody other than myself) will have Ye Olde Captain Ersatzes (with varying amounts of divergence) standing in for them unless their creators want me to use the original characters’ names as well. So this story will have a mix of my own original characters in the cast, characters that friends of mine created (used with their permission) and characters of my creation that were in at least somewhat inspired by a friend’s character. I’ve already been authorized to use Steve and Umbra, by name, and both of their players have offered to help in one way or another with this project.

Several pieces of fiction relating to the protagonist of this story already appear on this blog. Those preexisting pieces may or may not be canon to the new story; that remains to be seen, but I am using them for inspiration at the least.

I think my story would start out introducing things with her arrival at a chantry called “Watchtower”. Since her backstory is so extensive and so horribly bleak, I think I’ll let that filter in via flashbacks and similar narrative devices rather than starting out by telling it in detail. Too much dark hopelessness can burn out an audience or a storyteller and cause loss of interest, or can come across as tying too hard and become silly. Showing the backstory as the main narrative progresses rather than telling it all right at the start also allows me to introduce the other principal characters that aren’t around until she reaches Watchtower much more quickly.

This story is set in the oWoD even though I’ve created so very many of my own original settings in the past. Using this familiar setting will let me focus a bit more on the story rather than having to create and toy with the cosmology and cultures, both of which are things I particularly enjoy about creating settings, and which I can very easily become lost in. Having the “rules” already more or less in place will be helpful to me, though of course this is a case where the Golden Rule is going to be fully in force: I reserve the right to use, ignore, abuse or change any setting element that I feel like changing, just like any ST would do if this were a game session.

Anyhow, I’m putting my thoughts together and seeing if this is something that I’m really going to do. I guess that I’m doing a pretty good job of talking myself into it here…

And because it’s just the way I am, I made some more of those stupid little Gaia avatar thingies. Hey, it’s related to WtA isn’t it?

First, a passel of Lindas.

Linda LeeLinda on a missionLinda in club clothesLinda after a very bad day

Next, other folks:
James O'Donnell – James O’Donnell bani Flambeau

Sakura No Oni – Sakura No Oni, a Kumo

Mr. Man – “Mr. Man”, Psychomachiae Bane

Miles Cortin – Miles Cortin, mid level executive at Endron Oil (and Toad Fomor).

Bronco – Bronco, Glass Walker Ahroun.

Jez – “Jez”, a Misery-Bane

Mark Tyre – Mark Tyre, Cultist of Ecstasy


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