New Talen: Eel’s Gift Card

This morning I have a little something for those of you out there that still use the oWoD games, and in particular Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Talens are nifty one-use Fetishes that can be made much, much more easily than true permanent Fetishes. Most PCs, even Theurges, will never make a fetish, but any Garou that can pick up a simple and common Rank 2 Rite: The Rite of Binding can make Talens.

Here’s a new Talen that I designed for one of my characters, who is an outsider that hasn’t been taught proper Fetish-lore and has been having to more or less make things up as she goes along. It’s a weaker version of the relatively cliche Glasswalker Fetish called Loon’s Refund, though it’s distinct enough to be its own item in its own right apart from just being single-use. Anyhow, here it is:

Eel’s Gift Card [Gnosis 6 Talen]

This Talen, in which a Wealth Spirit  is typically bound (in a pinch, Eel herself has been known to use Greed Banes that had to be fought off when she was trying unsuccessfully to make nice with the Wealth Spirits she wanted to bind), is essentially a single-use cousin of Loon’s Refund. It can be used at point-of sale or online like a classic gift card to pay for a single purchase of up to $500 value, and then becomes inert. Note that it does not matter whether the purchase is $1.50 or $400 – either way, the card can only be used once. The funds for this come from cent-fractional rounding errors and moneys that are similarly “lost” in the banking and financial system. The Talen’s single-use nature is arguably a boon, because it is far less likely to attract the attention of the Weaver than the much better known ATM card Fetish. Each of these simple talismans appears to be a fairly generic prepaid credit card or gift card, and those of them that were made by Eel herself generally have an image of her namesake animal printed somewhere on the card itself.


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