“Zombie” ants fall victim to mind-control fungus

“Zombie” ants fall victim to mind-control fungus

A recently discovered “mind control fungus” causes ants to seek out a good spot for the fungus to propagate and then drop dead so the fungus can, well, propagate. That is one of the coolest recent discoveries of modern entomology. The only cooler one was the beetles in the Pacific Northwest that fashion and use miniature chainsaws.

I love this photo of an ant with a fungus stalk emerging from the back of his head.



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5 Responses to ““Zombie” ants fall victim to mind-control fungus”

  1. Thaumiel Nerub Says:

    It’s not long ago when I watched youtube video about this. Really fascinating, but somehow creepy. Poor ants.

    I think you might find this interesting:

    Parasite wasps infesting catepillar. Cliffhanger at the end.

    Also this “snail” zombies and the circulation of that parasite is interesting:

  2. The Good Greatsby Says:

    Zombie Ants!? Now I know why we never had an ant problem until the time we left brains out on the counter overnight.

  3. The Good Greatsby Says:

    Ha! Perfect reply!

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