An Odd Sensation

Today, I took the day off work. Things to do, you know. One of the several things that needed doing today was having my car serviced. So I dropped my car off at the service facility in Culver City and walked a few blocks away to a streetside cafe to get myself some lunch and make some use of the time. As I sat there on a warm January afternoon at an outdoor table in western Los Angeles, eating avgolemono soup and falafel while reading the screenplay that I was preparing to storyboard, for a long moment I felt almost like I was looking at myself from the outside.

I am not a “showbiz” guy. That’s not where I make my living. I’m an artist (among other things) that happens to know some people that are themselves in show business. At that moment, however, I realized that I was having perhaps one of the most stereotypically “showbiz” lifestyle moments ever, reading a script at an outdoor eatery. It struck me as funny and more than a little bit surreal. Then I got back to work.



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