Legend of the Archons Game Open

Legend of the Archons

Legend of the Archons is a game of intrigue, high adventure, discovery and sorcery set in the fantastic continent of Occida, which is currently in the throes of major social, technological, political and religious upheaval. You and I would recognize a great many similarities between Occida and our own world’s Europe during the tumultuous Renaissance, though here technology and magic can at times be interchangeable, bringing wonders of clockwork and brass to a semblance of life. The great Council of Archons, nine paragons of the Thrice-Three Principles that once functioned as the lynchpin of religious life as well as the ultimate authority to which even kings, emperors and potentates had to pay heed, has been vacant for a generation of men, having been destroyed by unknown forces. For the first time in many an age, the Colossi of Occida stand silent, without champions chosen to stand in their behalf as living bridge between Heavens and Earth.

Without the Archons’ guidance (some would say manipulation), even the Great Church, the keeper of the Sentieric faith, has not weathered this period of change intact, and it has become embroiled in wars and dissensions of its own as the Great Sunedrion asserts authority in the face of the dissenting Restorationists and Reformers that claim the Church itself has become corrupted and its leaders have stepped beyond their bounds. These dissensions and an elaborate network of long-simmering political disputes erupted in the continent-wide dynastic conflicts now known as the Successor Wars that have finally toppled the ancient and seemingly invulnerable Heiligen Empire to collapse into a seemingly numberless succession of bickering statelets and kingdoms great and small. Man has claimed the world for his own, though the spiritual Alanir and the collectivist Durgans have refused to go quietly into oblivion and stand both beside and against the masters of this age. Beyond the walls of civilization the fey, feral Fomori rage against their oppressors with the assistance of the otherworldy powers of the Autumn Court.  Meanwhile, in the darkest of the wild places and the most cancerous bowels of human society lurk the Lost, seeking to drag the world down with them.

Into a world reeling from the aftermath of the Successor Wars and poised on the verge of either disaster or glory have come heroes, Legends marked by Fate for a future both great and terrible, and in whose wake nothing shall go unchanged. Many of these Legends wield the awesome and mysterious power to directly rework the weave of Fate itself through one of the Thrice-Three Principles that the Archons themselves once mastered: unruly Forces, subtle Mind, rational Substance, vigorous Life, solemn Death, evanescent Horizons, harmonious Concord, rebellious Opposition and esoteric Vision.

Archons Principles Enneagram

(Above, the glyphs of the Thrice-Three Principles connected to one another by the enneagram that was the emblem of the Council of Archons. At apex: Vision. Clockwise from apex: Horizons, Forces, Opposition, Death, Substance, Concord,  Life and Mind)

Legends with access to a Principle pair their magical skill with one or more Words related to their guiding Principle, representing a different sort of magic with which the character is proficient. Using this particular magical skill, the character may invoke effects (cast spells) based around that word, which may be interpreted both literally and metaphorically. For example, if a character (whose Principle is Concord) has the skill “Magic: Distance,” he could cast spells that interact with the physical distances between objects, or the social distance between persons or opinions and so on. Magic is not necessarily only a matter for cloistered priests and learned sages, for a craftsman, a hunter or even a soldier might unknowingly weave Fate through one of the Principles to achieve his ends. Flashes of insight, mysteriously potent persuasive power and phenomenal luck are manifestations of the power of the Thrice-Three every bit as valid and potent as a fire summoned from nothingness.

This game is played using the 3rd edition of FATE, an open source gaming system designed to foster deep connections between the characters making up the player group and between the characters themselves and the ongoing narrative. Where some game systems claim not to get in the way of the ongoing story’s progress, FATE actively facilitates player participation in and influence over the narrative itself. The passions, weaknesses, friends and enemies of Legends are writ large on the world about them, and their very presence alters the course of events and binds them to one another.

To what end has the pilgrim Aquila gathered a small group of renowned Legends together in times such as these? Why did the Council of Archons perish, and what did their late leader Mordamund know about their impending Fate? Why is King Gustavus of Zachsen touring the volatile lands of the Dachs? What will befall when the disparate forces of the Church, the armies of Men, the barbaric hosts of the fomori and the intrepid Legends converge upon the ravaged County of Nordmark? Not only find out, but shape the weave itself by joining the ongoing Legend of the Archons at Newlegends!

If you’re interested, you may contact me at Casewerker@netscape.net or via the Newlegends boards. Also, see the Legend of the Archons wiki!

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