What the Heck is Wrong With Me?!?

Yeah, more tektek silliness.

This time, my buddy Daniel’s Mage-dudes.

Dream Avatar

Ashton, dual-trad Akashic/Virtual Adept (NPC)

Dream Avatar

Devon Knight, Ashton’s adoptive son and a Virtual Adept. (NPC)

edit 10/4/2010:

From the same Mage/oWoD game:

Taka, Akashic ginsumatic (with Vengeance, of course).

Aya, Verbena ER nurse.

Steve, Silent Strider Ragabash.

Nathan Shallcross, PI and member of the Order of Hermes’ House Quaesitor. (NPC)

Dr. Strago Strange, Etherite mad scientist (what else could this guy be anyhow?)(NPC)

Jonathan Roberts, Hermetic of House Flambeau. Chantry security officer. (NPC)

Christi Knight, Devin’s sister and Verbena physician (NPC)

I made this next one a while back and didn’t put it anywhere, though it’s from GK rather than oWoD. Yet more of The Fiend! Ooh… she looks like somebody’s about to have an exceedingly bad day.


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