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This post is essentially a linkdump to a large number of videos from the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain video game series. It’s mostly in game event order, though with the time travel paradoxes and wacky chronology of the games, any attempt to put events in a strictily chronological order would be doomed to being horribly confused. Perhaps making it chronological from the perspective of a particular character like Kain or Raziel would make more sense. Anyhow, this is a group of the more significant events throughout the series and the entirety of the cutscenes from Defiance, the last game of the series. Probably needless to say, massive spoilers ahead.

These games were one of the many influences on the cosmology of the Legend of the Archons setting, and I’ve decided that the vampires of that setting will be something of a shout-out to this series in some ways.

Also, this series is one of those that managed to survive a change in genre – from top down quest with inventory and all that to a 3D action/puzzle adventure  series.

Blood Omen: LoK intro and some of the gameplay up through Kain’s arrival at the Pillars (segment 1)

BO: LoK – (segment 2 of the above) the Pillars until just after Nupraptor’s demise

BO: LoK Moebius introduced

BO: LoK Vorador

BO: LoK Vorador vs. Malek as Kain tries to catch Bane and DeJoule

BO: LoK (segment 6 of the above) 6 Kain comes to Avernus and finds the Soul Reaver as well as a time-streaming device and discovers the threat of the Nemesis.

BO: LoK (segment 7) Kain gains audience with King Ottmar seeking to turn him against the Nemesis. Ottmar’s defeat by the Nemesis.

BO: LoK (segment 8) Kain’s flight to thepast, and William the Just’s demise. Moebius’s machinations become known.

BO: LoK (segment 9) The first death of Moebius. End of the game, and Mortanius’ possession by the Unspoken revealed. Kain must make his  fateful choice. This segment leaves out both of the ending sequences, but jumps to the credits instead

BO: LoK canonical ending: Kain makes his choice.

LoK: Soul Reaver intro. This is where the player learns which of the two optional endings of the prior game actually came to pass…

LoK: SR Raziel meets Elder God

LoK: SR Raziel/Kain @ Pillars + Ariel

LOK: SR2 Intro

LoK: SR2 Raziel Finds Sir William

LoK: SR2 Kain @ the Pillars

LoK: SR2 Causality and Free Will

LoK: SR2 Raziel meets Elder God @ Pillars

LoK: SR2 Vorador

LoK: SR2 Ariel in future

LoK: SR2 Raziel meets Kain in future

LoK: SR2 Raziel meets Future Elder God

LoK: SR2 Raziel meets Janos

LoK: SR2 Janos is Slain

LOK: SR2 Ending

BO2 Intro

BO2 Kain confronts the Sarafan Lord. Keep in mind that the Sarafan Lord seen here is the same being that appeared as the Unspoken in BO: LoK and that again in Defiance.

BO2 Ending/Credits

LoK: Defiance segment 1/14 Kain’s beginning

LoK-D segment 2/14 Raziel’s beginning

LoK-D segment 3/14

LoK-D segment 4/14

LoK-D segment 5/14

LoK-D segment 6/14

LoK-D segment 7/14

LoK-D Segment 8/14

LoK-D Segment 9/14

LoK-D Segment 10/14

LoK-D Segment 11/14

LoK-D Segment 12/14

LoK-D Segment 13/14

LoK-D Segment 14/14


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