I Been Shipped!

Um, wow.

I have learned that a friend wrote a little fanfic-type drabble about one of my RP characters. This is, in itself, an interesting phenomenon. I’m accustomed to hearing about folks doing this with characters from literature, video games, TV etc… but using one of my PCs is a new one on me. On top of that, she ships him with another character from the same game.

My character? The crusty and emotionally distant,  spacefaring oh-so-stubborn tough guy Tarid Rachem del Barca. His partner in shipping? The passionate and fey magical alien Qamala Sotiris. They’re very much an oil-and-water pair, and I found this piece very amusing.

Oh, yeah… maybe I should provide the link to the little fic itself, huh?

Here it is.


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