Extra Value Combo Alpha: Fight!

This is hopelessly geeky, but anybody that has ever read my blog would expect nothing less.

Behold, Lysol Jones’ concept for a bold fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Brothers:

Extra Value Combo Alpha


I discovered this DeviantArt gem during a wiki walk at TVTropes. Please get a look at the fullview in the gallery itself. It is glorious to behold. I’d play that game.

Here’s a list of the characters that are used above, with a little commentary from myself:

From Left to right

Ronald McDonald from McDonald’s. Since he’s the painted face of the biggest fast food chain on the planet, I figure that Ronald’s probably gotta be the Mario for this game, the bread-and-butter fighter with a playstyle that is accessible to everyone and can still hold his own once folks have got a handle on the game. In Japan he’s also a reality warper, as seen here…

The King from Burger King. This guy deserves special mention. He’s an eldritch abomination in nearly-human form. Possibly the creepiest fast food mascot of all time, and capable of blasting the sanity of any that realize that they are indeed confronted with him. He’s a master of the ambush and the freakout. He’s already appeared in several video games.

Also, see the below:


and this:

Wendy from Wendy’s. As the token girl (and, as is obvious from the illustration above, also the Ms. Fanservice), she’s probably relegated by default to the role of fragile speedster practitioner of She Fu. Not that I’m complaining. leaping backflip kicks plus what we see above? Yeah.

The Colonel from KFC. As the biggest guy on the roster as well as the oldest, It seems likely that the Colonel’s going to be the Mighty Glacier this time around. When the good old boy decides that you need a good thrashing, watch out for his cane as well as the devastatingly powerful “Secret Recipe” technique.

Jack from Jack in the Box. Jack’s a savvy businessman, but he’s also a master of schroedinger fu, partially due to his facility with explosives. Plus, solid defenses. Hey, I can’t think of any of the other mascots that returned after getting themselves blown up. I definitely back Jack.

Carl Jr from Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. A literal starfish alien, Carl Jr is something of a Glass Cannon, having lots of firepower but not being especially nimble or tough. I figure this version of him is man-sized, to allow for some of the other mascots to specialize as the tiny guys.

Ceaser from Little Ceaser’s. A little guy with a serious napoleon complex. He overcompensates with a long spear that provides a lot of reach, as well as a notoriously hard-to-evade twin pizza throw. Get close to him, however, and you’ll beat his scrawny Roman butt to paste.

Oven Mit from Arby’s. Mit is the smallest character of the lot, and relies mostly on his tiny size to keep himself from getting pummeled. At first he seems pathetic, until you realize the possibilities

The Noid from Domino’s. He’s a cloudcuckoolander with a penchant for bizarre devices as well as some eldritch sorceries giving him a dizzying array of ways to hurt you. He can’t take a hit, though.

A few possible unlockable characters that I’d consider adding to the roster:

Grimace, from McDonald’s. He’s another big bruiser type, classic dumb muscle.
Hamburgler, from McDonald’s. This guy plays a bit like a faster and weaker version of the King, with more theft and less brain melting. Robble Robble!
The Subservient Chicken (no, I’m not making this name up) from Burger King.
The Great Root Beer, from A&W.
Jared, from Subway. He’s got the Uncanny Valley thing going on, possibly even moreso than the King. Without the ambush thing, at least.
the late Fred the Baker, from Dunkin Donuts.
Gidget the Chihuahua, from Taco Bell (also deceased). He’s got a pretty similar playstyle and moveset to Oven Mit, but is so inherently annoying that your opponent’s sure to get sloppy in their eagerness to bash your head in.
Señor Naugles, from the defunct (and better IMHO) chain that was acquired by Del Taco in the late eighties.
That blighted rat/hamster thing that Quizno’s tried to use briefly. Yeah.


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2 Responses to “Extra Value Combo Alpha: Fight!”

  1. Mark Meredith Says:

    This. Is. Epic.

    Very cool. I would love to see a game like this.

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