Steampunk Warhammer = Steamhammer?

So, I’m not going to close the poll in my most recent post until it’s been open for a week, but at the time of this posting, SteamHammer has a fairly commanding plurality going on.

While I’m not a slave to this poll, I do think that I get where people are going with that title preference and it does make a certain amount of sense to me.

It’s slightly silly sounding, which suits the longstanding Warhammer aesthetic of combining silliness with absolutely pitch-black grimness in a somewhat over-the-top fashion. Also, it retains the references to iconic bludgeoning implements that are so prevalent in GW’s work. They really like hammers, for some reason. Do you reckon those oversized hammers and war machines are compensating for something?

My personal favorite of the titles in the poll based on how it sounds on its own would be Rune Engine. Run engine, however, has the fairly serious disadvantage of not having an inherent thematic link with the Warhammer universe since the word “hammer” doesn’t appear anywhere in it.

I’m just musing over trends on the poll.  Don’t mind me.


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