More Tektek, More LoA

Here are a few more of those little chibi things. These ones are built around proposed PCs in LoA.

Síofra Nethfilidh Ferfechín, an Albannian-born fomor psychopomp associated with Horizons.

Sir Anthony Ravenscrest (AKA Anton Corvus),  Alban condotierre extraordinaire who is gifted in cunning and tactics though not in the sorcerous arts.

Persa of the Raven, aiaru medium associated with Death.

Qoriil Elnahaem, an enlightened alannic monk associated with Vision. I did the one on the left, his creator did the one on the right.

King Gustavus von Zachsen. an NPC.

Also, I am posting updates to earlier chibis for other LoA types, an NPC and a PC as well.

Mordamund, late Archon of Vision.

Filidh Uhlrik Gunderit Maghoctavius von Beck, a fomorian warrior-bard with a double mouthful of names, associated with Opposition. There are two versions because there were certain aspects I wasn’t settled on.


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