Thrice Three Principles Glyphs

I’ve been meaning to put these things into the computer for a long time, and I finally did. They’re glyphs for the various Principles in Legend of the Archons that I recently posted about. As per usual, clickificate for larger images.

Archons Principles Enneagram

This one is an enneagram in which I have affixed each of the Principle glyphs. The Enneagram is the symbol of the Council of Archons. I picture the Archons’ thrones being arranged around a big chamber with this in the middle, delineating where each is to sit.

vision concord opposition
The above are Telos, the Triad of Judgment: Vision, Concord and Opposition.

horizons life death
Anima, the Triad of the Soul: Horizons, Life and Death

mind forces substance
Manus, the Triad of the Hand: Mind, Forces and Substance


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