New Year, New TekTek

Yes, once in a while I do still relapse into fascination with this cracktastic little thing.

I figured new years would be a good time to post some new stuff, and revisions on some old ones including Venture (dun dun dun)!

I tweaked an avatar of myself to suit my new look. Huzzah.

Very slight tweak to Venture Smith so he can actually have an axe like he’s supposed to instead of that thor-hammer.

I was finally able to make a version of Stone Fist that I’m fairly happy with. At least this one looks quite a bit like ol’ Stoney. It’s a lot tougher looking than the lame old chibi too.

LoA chibis:

Balor of the Evil Eye, one of the Lords of Winter.

Another Lord of Winter: The Horned One.

Bertolt Brecht, episcopal witch-hunter.

Duchess Constance Rose, noble horse breeder and tomboy, shown to the left clothed for riding rather than affairs of state, and on the center kitted out for jousting, one of her favorite sports… finally, on the left actually looking the part of a lady of her station. (added 2/17/2009 edit)

Kazemde Ini-Herut, a very wierd sort of pseudo-coptic syncretic martial artist monk that transforms into a jackal-man… Added in 3/28/2009 edit.

a baloros fomorian

a typical cernos fomorian

One of the lost

Redone Versions of old Warhammer chibis:

Yet another take on Adolf Lundgren. For a supporting cast member, I’ve sure redone this guy a lot. Mostly because I never found a decent halberd before this one.

Yup. more redone Rahanns. A better spear showed up and I tweaked her armor, then messed with the hooves a bit. So sue me.

And lastly, one new WH chibi that wouldn’t have been possible before:

How Katarina Gunderit, the unfortunate third child of Uhlrik and Cassandra, might look when she reaches adulthood.

Cedric redone. Update 3/28/2009


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2 Responses to “New Year, New TekTek”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    They have precisely 2.135 metric buttloads of new stuff, actually. I’m going to take further advantage soon, because I am a bad bad man.

    Hey, cross stitch is a good thing. I need to draw some more. Yeah.

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