That Was Pure Sexiness, I Tell You

Today as I was driving through K-town on the way to do my weekly grocery shopping, a observed that the woman in the car behind mine at the signal looked uncannily like the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il. Now, I wouldn’t put it past the guy to fake his own seclusion/incapacitation/death and going undercover in drag … for him, that would almost be rational behavior.

Anyhow, when I pointed this woman’s resemblance to my wife, she gave one of the most explosive laughs I’ve heard from her in a very long time. Life is good.

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One Response to “That Was Pure Sexiness, I Tell You”

  1. meta4life Says:

    *teehee* For many years it was a goal of mine to make M laugh like that at least once a day. And for many years, I succeeded.

    Then the Dark Times came… but when we came back into the light, I kinda lost the flair for it. I can make him laugh like that still, but it’s not every day, more’s the pity.

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