SAD: Bertolt Brecht

SAD: Bertolt Brecht
by *uhlrik on deviantART

Today’s SAD piece is one I have approached with a somewhat different (but still deliberately sketchy) style and approach. Would you believe that this fellow is a witch-hunter? I’m sure that you find this a shocking suggestion.


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6 Responses to “SAD: Bertolt Brecht”

  1. bosantibe Says:

    Hey, friend. Been a while. I’ve been playing Star Wars lately, which is good, frenetic fun. So how are things with you, then? Man, if this were a dialogue I’d be able to respond to whatever your initial thought on that was but I’m leaving a post so…

    Any gaming revelations driving your mighty onus lately? I’ve been having an idea of a Sith-controlled Aasimov scenario, just for fun; but I’m trying to get it all down in case I want to use it some day. I’d love to get the dialogue going again.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Whoah! It has been a while!

    As for gaming revelations, my recent posts have been replete with stuff pertaining to one of my present obsessions – yet another fantasy setting I’m cobbling together and trying to pick a system for: Legend of the Archons. I’m in a very involved, convoluted search for Just the Right System for running games in this setting online as I’m also devlopign the setting, its denizens and my potential story hooks along the way.

    What sort of SW game is it you’ve been playing? I’m presuming it’s one that has plenty of jedi doing backflips and merrily lopping the arms off hapless enemy troopers/droids/goons/other fodder.

    Dialoguificate away!

  3. bosantibe Says:

    No backflips and such just yet. My jedi is more of an outcast that wasn’t caught up by the purge because he was never officially sanctioned by the jedi council to be trained, so he became a spy for them instead in Hutt territories. Now, of course, he can sense the reverberations of the mass wipeout while seeing the writing on the wall with the expansionist policies of the newly risen galactic imperium.

    I’ve been playing it so close to the chest that (IC only, unfortunately) nobody in the group knows that he has force powers or that he owns a lightsaber. The only one who did was arrested by the Empire and shipped off to once-Coruscant/now-Imperium Central. Interestingly, the rest of the group is very combat-capable but haphazardly so. We have a wookie, three humans (I’m playing one) and a recently acquired droid, plus two not very independent droids on retainer (so to speak). We were running with an NPC jedi that my character guilted into training him in the ways of the force, but I intend not to fully reveal my prowess until it’s something magnificent and showy.

    A lot of goons die fighting us but we also get taken down pretty often. It’s funny, SW has a feat that allows you to lop off the limbs of enemies you’re fighting, but it actually prevents you from killing characters that would otherwise definitely die under your lightsaber. Interesting kind of mechanic.

  4. uhlrik Says:

    That is a very interesting mechanic. Apparently every major Jedi in the films has it…

    So, as Jedi go, your character’s a bit of a bottom-feeder and too lowly for the Empire to be aware of him yet… I like.

  5. bosantibe Says:

    He’s also smart enough to know that he shouldn’t show his presence until doing so can strike a real blow to the Empire. I’m kind of biding my time until he’s a finished symphony to spring him on the auditorium, you know?

  6. uhlrik Says:

    That makes sense to me.

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