Memetarded Character Spectacular! Nummer Zwei

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
(Unless I’ve already given you one.)
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

M is for Morgaine Kri Chya, from The Morgaine Cycle by CJ Cherryh. Awesome, awesome character, but then again she’s one of the two principal characters in one of my favorite novel series, so I guess my fondness is a bit of a no-brainer. I am very fond of the fact that we never see the action from behind Morgaine’s eyes but always that of either Vanye or some other character around her, which helps maintain some uncertainty as to what precisely motivates the gate-traveler. I like that she’s aloof but cares deeply, and I love that even though she relentlessly hunts her betrayer Liell across three worlds, she finally spares him for Vanye’s sake.

M is for Magneto. You know who he is. I like magneto, because once again he’s an ubervillain with a strong tweener streak, though this one comes from the fact that he has what can be argued to be good intentions though his implementation and his racism are major problems since he’s really as bad as what he hates most of the time. Also, magnetism is blue

M is for Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines in Warhammer 40,000. I’ve always thought this guy was lame, from the very moment that he appeared in White Dwarf. His models have all been stupid looking, and I’ve never seen a picture of him that made him out to be anything other than a giant tool (here’s the original Calgar picture).

M is for Münchausen from numerous sources, but in this case specifically the Terry Gilliam movie. I totally dig the Baron, though the film was a bit of a financial fiasco due to issues with how Columbia released it. He’s epic, overdramatic and exceedingly cool. Two Munchausen quotes to share here today:
"Reality? Your "reality", sir, is lies and balderdash, and I’m delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever."
"And that was only one of the many occasions on which I met my death, an experience which I don’t hesitate to strongly recommend."

M is for Merlin – you know who he is too. Merlin is awesome. Simply put, he’s one of the two great archetypal wizards of the Western fantasy tradition. The other one’s Gandalf (Sorry Raistlin, you don’t make the cut). I can most certainly appreciate Merlin, even though in the end he gets tricked and hosed by a skirt.


9 Responses to “Memetarded Character Spectacular! Nummer Zwei”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    I must respectfully disagree on the Raistlin/Gandalf thing. Raist’s fairly cool and all, but Mithrandir rocks all over him. Now Elminster… THERE you have a hosebag.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    And yah, Munchausen forever.

  3. devolve_absolve Says:

    You dare to question the awesomeness of Calgar?! For this you will die!

  4. uhlrik Says:

    The pimp pic of him is far cooler than he could ever be. For this, you will take an “L”.

  5. creativedv8tion Says:

    Elminster wasn’t even a hosebag. He was a wankfrog. Khelwhatever Blackstaff was ten times cooler than Elminster (and Blackstaff was still pretty lametastic.)

    And we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on the Raist/Gandalf issue, because I’m right and you won’t ever admit you’re wrong. šŸ˜‰

  6. uhlrik Says:

    I’ll agree to disagree with the man that’s wrong (which would be you).

    But on the other, I totally agree that sucktipated Khelben was way cooler than Elmister. Heck, even Bigby rocks all over both of them, and he’s best known for his hand fetish (or was that fisting? I can’t keep track anymore).

  7. creativedv8tion Says:

    I think Bigby started off with a manual fetish which graduated to fisting. But Bigby was cool, because, I mean… a wizard named Bigby? That’s just brilliant. Genius, even.

    (See, I said you’d never admit to being wrong.)

  8. uhlrik Says:

    One has to wonder what his name was compensating for.

  9. creativedv8tion Says:

    It’s pretty obvious he was abused as a youth.

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