SAD: Venture Smith

SAD: Venture Smith
by *uhlrik on deviantART

After dashing off a sketch of the Fiend yesterday, I decided that I might as well do pics of the other active GK:1943 types as well, though not necessarily right away. I figured that it’d be only fair if Venture came next. I don’t know as I’ll do them all to the same detail level or not. We’ll see how I feel about each individual piece as I’m working on it. This one seemed to demand full color treatment rather than the monochromatic thing.

Venture Smith is the name of a historical slave that eventually achieved freedom for himself and his whole family, then became a folk hero. This character claims to be descended from him, and is borrowing his ancestor’s moniker as a code name for the mission the team is on.


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4 Responses to “SAD: Venture Smith”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:


    That’s effing awesome.

    I wish I had half your talent, I’d do my own comic or something and take over the entertainment world!

    (Well, ok, I exaggerate a little.)

  2. uhlrik Says:

    I’m glad that you like it. This is also the first drawing where I’ve hadthis level of detail that was done entirely digitally, from start to finish. I’m getting more accustomed to my tablet. 🙂

  3. meta4life Says:

    And, if it’s Venture Smith, that means it’s sort of George Wells too. 🙂 Good, strong face. Hard not to like him.

    Btw, that game you were talking about in the community? Dare I hope?

    Don’t care either way, and so what if I’m overcommitted — I’d love to play if you’ll have me.

  4. uhlrik Says:

    It’s certainly a possibility. Just as I haven’t committed to a system, I haven’t committed to a venue.

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