SAD: Alan concept art
by *uhlrik on deviantART

It’s been quite a while since last time that I was in the habit of drawing particularly regularly, and my work has suffered / failed to progress as I’d like because of it. Hence, I’ve decided to start honing my discipline in drawing and becoming more comfortable and accomplished with my sad, underused but much-beloved tablet.

So I’m trying to commit myself to whipping out either my tablet or my sketch book and doing at least one sketch daily. Some will probably be more complete and polished than this one, some will be less so. It just depends on what I’m feeling that day. I’ll strive to keep it up. Hence my little feature here of sketch-a-day. I don’t know that I’ll post every single one here, or in DeviantArt, but I’ll probably put them all up on flickr.

Also, this is helping me get psyched up to actually finish some projects that I’ve promised people but have been lollygagging about.

This particular one, like a lot of the ones I’ll be doing soon I’m sure, is related to a design project I’ve given myself: LoA.

She’s an Alan (plural: Alanir), one of th eraces I’ve been trying to revive and finish designing after I originally came up with them almost a decade ago. I’m thinking that I’ll probably want to actually punch the color back a bit more and make them paler and creamier in color, but this sketch is a useful part of establishing that.

More sketches of Alanir can be found here.



10 Responses to “Sketch-A-Day”

  1. meta4life Says:

    I knew you were an artist but I’d never seen your DA gallery until now.

    I am horribly impressed, Hal. You have a gift I would love to have. 🙂


  2. creativedv8tion Says:

    I totally hope you post daily to Eljay, or at least a weekly link/reminder sorta posty-thing, because I’m flaky enough not to keep czeching.

  3. uhlrik Says:

    I’ll make an effort to do so.

  4. uhlrik Says:

    Thank you very much! Anything in particular interest you?

  5. meta4life Says:

    The character art, obviously. You have no idea how much I envy you the ability to translate your characters into a visual form.

    Much of your other subject matter is fairly dark, maybe a little darker than I could live with full-time — but your eye for linear flow and color (sorry, I don’t know the art terms for these things) just really impresses me.

  6. uhlrik Says:

    Is this too dark for you? If so, he will be very sad.

    It is true, however, that I do go for a lot of dark and disturbing subject matter. That stuff is of great interest to me, and I find it compelling, though I know it’s most certainly not for everyone.

    You don’t need to worry about lack of “art-ese” vocabulary. Just say what you mean and it’s all good. Using too much of that verbiage tends to make one sound pretentious anyhow. 😉

  7. meta4life Says:

    =heh= No, he’s not too dark. 🙂 I didn’t mean to imply all your work was, btw. Just some (I used the word “much,” may have been an overstatement) of it.

    There’s a lot of value to be had in explorations of the grimmer side of life and that’s also true of art, obviously. I suspect I’m not a strong enough person to be able to look at that material for long stretches at a time without personal detriment.

    One of your pieces, On Thy Belly Shalt Thou Go, is a bit of dark art I could gaze at for hours. There is something sublime in this imagery, something that can invoke joy-from-madness — but I think I’d have to be feeling particularly centered that day to endure it. 🙂

  8. uhlrik Says:

    Ah, On Thy Belly Shalt Thou Go is a piece that fascinates me too, I’ll confess. Sublime… that’s a great word, particularly once one gets into nuances. Thank you so much for applying it to that piece.

    It’s true though that certain sorts of pieces don’t go down with certain temperaments, and different people have different triggers as to what they can or cannot cope with. For example, one of my sculptures in the gallery is very healing for me despite its extremely grim appearance, because it comes from a place within me that the piece communes with in a very wholesome and powerful way. The same piece utterly horrifies my wife because its visuals incite certain associations with a part of her life that was traumatic and difficult (well, a traumatic part of one of her friends’ lives that she helped the girl through). Same piece, two utterly unrelated responses.

  9. uhlrik Says:

    As for the changeling thing… please elucidate!

    Also, I’m glad you picked up the moth resemblance. It is in no way accidental. 🙂

  10. bosantibe Says:

    Well, it’s the very core concept of C:tL. You get yanked out of this reality into some scary other-worldly realm and are fundamentally altered by it as a singular means of finding some way to escape back to what you once had/were. Now, upon arriving back home, you realize that you’re different, you are the other-worldly element in this world now. The system involves a heavy element of redemptive process such as having your captor be an essential part of the game (since it replaced you here and by sympathetic proximity reminds you of what you used to be) but I know that by toying with the line between captor and altered captive, you could make something work for your Fey element. Also, I would recommend you hunt down our ‘s chronicles of the Changeling game he’s played in. Better yet:

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